A Fifth Qatari Travelogue: The Blockade



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  1. Avatar InMD

    I’m not sure the tone of this piece is sufficiently defiant, what with the blockade…

    Thanks for sharing these I very much enjoy reading them.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird

    Here’s the anecdote that I thought about including in the essay but talked it over with Maribou beforehand and we agreed that it was just a hair “on the nose”.

    On one of the last nights we were there, we went to the mall’s food court to get a little something for supper. Despite the blockade, the food court was hopping and I saw a woman in full hijab dress sitting with (I presume it was) her son (in short pants and printed t-shirt) and they were opening a set of Avengers action figures (you know the ones, 8-9 inches tall, fully articulated, kung fu grip) and they were pulling out Iron Man and Captain America. As they were sitting together and playing with the figures, (I presume it was) the father in full Qatari dress came over with a tray full of McDonald’s and sat down with them and they started to eat.Report

  3. Avatar Fish

    Hooray I didn’t know Calvin Harris had a new album out!

    Er…ah…great piece, Jay. Now I want to read your notes for all the bits that you elected not to include!Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Fish

      Variants of “holy crap, this is so heavy-handed… this is so transparent…” followed by “holy crap, am I unironically rooting for the Qataris after reading this story?” followed by “holy crap, my brain has been re-wired to think of Tamim as the Emir and I didn’t even notice as it was happening”.

      Holy crap. Propaganda works. Holy crap. It doesn’t even have to be particularly good.

      Holy crap. How am I being re-wired *RIGHT NOW*?

      That sort of thing.Report

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