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The original Fallout from 1997 is available *FOR FREE* on Steam until midnight tonight. That is to say, until midnight on September 30th, 2017.

If you’ve never played it, this is your opportunity to install it, boot it up once, boggle at the graphics we used to think were awesome, then turn it off in frustration when fighting your first radscorpions.

Or it would be… I researched the whole “Fallout Trainer” thing and found the site here and remembered when I used this editor in the past to make a character with 9s in everything so I could walk through the game again instead of wrestling with it the way I did back in 1997… but then when I started the game, it went to all black.

Then I researched the whole “not working” thing and they explained that you have to go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout and run f1_res_Config and switch the setting from “Direct X 9” to “Basic” and then I started the program again and it immediately crashed my computer.

And then I had to go.

So maybe don’t download it yet. It might not be worth the bandwidth.

But *IF* you are one of those people who enjoys wrestling with making old games work on new hardware, give it a shot. This game is one of the giants we stand upon and is part of the reason we now see so clearly.

Well, Fallout 4 was a bit of a step in the wrong direction, but Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are pretty much the greatest Nuclear Apocalypse games *EVER*. And Fallout was the game that made those nigh-perfect games possible.

And it’s free, for the next 14 hours… except I can’t confirm that it works yet.

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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14 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. Just finished Just Cause 3, which was fun, but the ending was kinda lame. I was expecting a brutal boss fight, but I just equipped the games version of a gravity gun and tossed the boss vehicle into the volcano.

    Thinking about starting the new Doom.


    • OK, started the new (Bethesda) Doom. So far, so fun! Especially with good headphones on, because a lot of locating enemies is by sound, and they do a good job with the sound. I had to fight the urge to turn my actual head as opposed to my avatar head when I heard scrambling behind me.


  2. I impulse-purchased the SNES Classic yesterday, which included a 1-hour wait with 17 other buyers at Gamestop. Went to my best friend’s house after work and had a blast on it. Contra 3 kicked our butts but Donkey Kong Country was pretty fun. Several Street Fighter matches, a little bit of Mario World, all in all a fun experience.

    I have a big work project coming up next spring that will involve several trips to Atlanta with some of my closest coworkers. This will be the perfect item to take along for passing the time at the hotel at night.


  3. Okay, I got it to work.

    It worked after I rebooted and I didn’t have to do anything.

    When it comes to using the trainer, you have to pick something like:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout

    And DO NOT make the “it doesn’t feel like a mistake” mistake of going to something like:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout\DATA\SAVEGAME\SLOT01

    Edit your character and give him all 10s.

    Heck, give yourself some Perks too. I like Awareness, Fortune Finder, Presence, and Scout, but you should figure out how you want to play and check those off. Heck, check off everything. I’m not going to tell you how to cheat.

    But remember to go to the Skills & Traits tab and buff energy weapons, doctor, sneak, barter, gambling, and outdoorsman up to something in the 60s and science, repair, and speech up to something in the 80s before you get going. (Maybe give yourself a trait or two. Heck, you’ve already given yourself some perks, give yourself Gifted! Heck, balance it out with skilled!)

    Or, hey, just play and enjoy. This is one of the great ones.

    For another 2 hours and 50ish minutes.


  4. God(ess?) Fallout! I remember playing it with my boyfriend, to be husband, in our apartment in the sweltering summer. It was so absorbing, the atmosphere was off the chain. Also the whole artistic conceit? What if 50’s era tech could do the things they imagined it doing? Vacuum tube super computers? Robots? Then they blew that whole world up and made it creepy as fish?
    Yeah it was amazing.

    Also Dogmeat was a precious cinnamon roll killer-diller. Just don’t let him near the force fields.


    • Also Dogmeat was a precious cinnamon roll killer-diller. Just don’t let him near the force fields.

      In Fallout 4, they made him immortal. Why? Because virtually every player playing previous games would reload the game if Dogmeat died. Therefore, letting him die was a bad design. No one would let him stay dead.

      And your companions don’t really alter the game that much — they’re pack-mules, not instant win buttons. :)


      • That’s so cute and cool. And yeah, in 4 they weren’t really that important. Though in fairness as I recall in 4 none of your companions “died” just got incapacitated which could be cured either by healing them in combat or winning the combat at which point they all just would get better.


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