The “It” Movie Review


Garrett Stiger

Garrett is an entertainment professional living in the Los Angeles area. In his free time, he's a shark hunter, Jedi Knight, Kaiju wrangler and dog owner. He also edits and contributes to movie discussions at 3byThree.

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar InMD says:

    My wife and I saw It last Friday (she’s a big fan of the book, I have some fond memories of the mini-series). I’m with you on Curry v. Skarsgaard. Curry played Pennywise as a singular monster and I think that made his performance much more memorable whereas Skarsgaard played it as one particular face of a shapeshifting alien.

    They’re definitely cashing in on the Stranger Things nostgia wagon (which is fine by me). I thought the scene with the Leper was by far the best in the movie with the Judith in the office scene coming in a close second. Those moments really played on childhood fears (that creepy house down the steeet, the weird picture in your grandmas basement).

    I will say I thought the Georgie death wouldve been much more effective if they’d used restraint. I get they wanted to announce ‘this is a hard R rated movie’ but its the one place where the mini-series has anything on the movie. Even if it was due to budget/medium constraints they were effective with a less is more approach.

    Overall though I also enjoyed the movie (and your review).Report

    • Avatar Garrett Stiger in reply to InMD says:

      With regard to Stranger Things, IT has got to be one of the most fortuitous releases in modern movies. A series that is heavily indebted to IT now has this latest adaptation riding its coattails to enormous success.

      In most cases, I’d be with you on restraint in movies. Having said that, I really like what they did with Georige’s death. I thought it was a great statement to open the film. “This is what can happen in this movie. All bets are off!” The mini-series does handle it beautifully as well. There’s that cross-fade from the white of the clown’s face to the white flowers on Georige’s coffin at his funeral.

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed the review (and film).Report

    • Avatar Kim in reply to InMD says:

      Um. Stranger Things nostalgia wagon? That’d be rich, if they weren’t making IT before Stranger things was even in development.
      … something something about director killing himself…
      IT’s been in development hell for a while…Report

  2. I still haven’t seen it, but I saw the miniseries when it came out (I think I was a junior or senior in high school), and I read the book relatively recently (maybe in the last 2 years?). The miniseries, in my view, was better than the book. Whatever the book had going for it, I can’t forgive the sex scene at the end, which strikes me as a (disturbed) adolescent’s gang rape fantasy.

    I do like the idea of clown being the bad guy or the horror monster. I hate clowns and want to put them in their place. But….both the book and the miniseries kind of abandon the whole clown thing. It turns out, Pennywise is really something like a spider? It’s lived in the area covered by the town for eons, but it has only now just laid eggs that are going to give birth to other monsters? I can’t sign on to that. It’s a weakness in much of King’s horror fiction (or what I’ve read of it). He can set up the story, but he lacks the ability to execute a good ending consistent with the setup. (And yet, I keep coming back for more and reading other things he writes.)

    And what films scared you as a child?

    I’m not sure. I saw “The Day After” in my mid-twenties, and that would have scared me when it came out ca. 1983, if my mom had let me watch it. (Heck, it scared me in ca. 2002.) While this isn’t a film–and while I was more pre-adolescent than a child when I read it–the Book of Revelations really scared me.Report

    • The child orgy in the book is truly bizarre and disturbing. “Fantasy” is the word for it.

      As much as I love King’s writing, his mythologies and world-building can indeed be very messy. I’ll be interested to see what changes, if any, they make to tidy up IT in the next film.

      I’ve never seen The Day After, but I’ll have to check it out.

      Thanks for reading!Report

    • Avatar Kim in reply to Gabriel Conroy says:

      Yes. The idea is it is supposed to be an alien, trying to look like what scares us. Clowns just happen to be scary things. In this case, the Tim Curry miniseries is less authentic to the book.

      As to why its not succeeding? Do you by some chance remember the turtle? It’s plans are actively being fucked with by a Native American spirit. (It’s just not succeeding in killing the damn monster, simply resisting it’s final plan for Earth).Report