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  1. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Running our club’s annual fencing tournament on Saturday (longest continuously running annual tournament in Colorado). The format is peculiar, so this afternoon I need to make sure the klutzy custom software I wrote for handling it still works.Report

    • The rest of yesterday got hectic, so I went in without checking the software. For unknown reasons, it wouldn’t talk to the printer at the tournament. Writing out the bout tickets by hand doesn’t take much additional time. At least it did all the time-consuming calculations properly.Report

  2. Avatar Marchmaine says:

    Safe travels, just remember to pack both your Iranian and Saudi flags… just in case the Emir doesn’t make it to 1000 years.

    And more food posts. We raise goats and its near harvest time… so always in the market for new/ancient preparation ideas.Report

  3. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Completely unrelated to anything, Colorado’s blood supplies must be running low. I donated this past Monday and today I received e-mail saying my donation had been dispatched from the bank to be used by a patient. The normal interval before use is two weeks. Probably lots of blood loans being made to SE Texas and Florida.Report

  4. Avatar Maribou says:

    One imagines I will spend most of the weekend alternating between: being in a funk of deep sadness because I already miss Jaybird; being anxious (that part usually only lasts till I hear that they’re safely arrived at their hotel); and being gleeful, running around the house exclaiming things like “Mine, all mine, no sharing with anybody for two whole weeks!” while the cats stare at me with a mix of pique and confusion.

    I would much rather share with Jaybird than not, but the hermit part of me who prefers to be alone always wants to take a staycation while he’s gone and just spend 2 weeks not talking to anyone. Not.One. Person. Except maybe some food delivery people, and they’d get grunts, nothing else.

    That’s not what I’ll do though :).

    Gaming Saturday night, Outlander Sunday night, and chores and reading and goofing off the rest of the time. Possibly not a lot of sleeping through the night till I adapt to being the only one in the house. So probably some naps as well.Report

  5. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    All things contingent on baby not showing up until after the weekend.

    Work on rebuilding the stairs, which was of course never going to be just a three day job. Mostly Mr. T is doing that one – he’s the handy one in the house. The contribution from the rest of us is mostly of the ‘here, pull on this’ variety.

    There’s an arts festival thing that Fledermaus will be dancing in if she’s not in labour. There’s a roving bike ride party thing I might go to saturday night, and a dance party in the park sunday morning I might go to if I didn’t go out the night before.

    And there’s a frost advisory, so I guess we pick all the green tomatoes this evening.Report

  6. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Current thought process:

    Okay, I’ve got my passport, got my wallet, WAIT WHERE ARE MY KEYS oh yeah, I gave them to Maribou when she dropped me off at the airport because I won’t need them until I get back… got my pills, got my CPAP, got my international driver’s license, WAIT WHERE ARE MY KEYS

    Every thirty seconds or so.Report

    • Avatar Maribou in reply to Jaybird says:

      @jaybird Breathe, baby. They’re upstairs in the basket, safe and sound. (Just in case hearing it from someone else helps.)Report

    • Avatar kenB in reply to Jaybird says:

      That may be the absolute worst part of traveling. I have a built-in (like, pretty much at the cellular level now) three-pocket-slap process to check for my keys, phone, and wallet, and any negative response generates immediate angst until the higher-level processes can chime in and explain.

      As silly as it would be to carry around keys that I’m not using, I think maybe next time I’ll just keep them with me anyway — it’s not like I ever lose them.Report

  7. Avatar Jaybird says:

    I am in the hotel. It is just after 2AM. Everyone is wide awake despite only sleeping fitfully on the plane over the last 30 hours or so.

    I am going to take a shower and then a nap. I am probably going to wake up at 7 and be unable to go back to sleep, if the last 4 trips are any indication.

    TL;DR: Not dead.Report

  8. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    I celebrated my birthday with some lawyer friends at a German restaurant. One of the last remnants of Yorkville.Report