So one of the things I seem to love and everybody else seems to hate is The Mashup.

You know, when somebody takes The Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” and mashes it with The Dandy Warhols’ “We Used To Be Friends”.

The Beastie Boys vs The Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Intergalactic Friends"

That just tickles the heck out of me.

Of course, at that point, I find myself asking “I wonder if anybody mashed up anything with Toto’s ‘Africa’?”

Because, seriously, that’s a great freakin’ song.

And I stumble across a singularly talented singer who, with the help of a looping station, mashed up “Africa” with The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” with Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”. And I’m left thinking “Whoa…”


So… what are you listening to?

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday!

  1. The mashup cover is a different art than the straight mashup it seems to me? Jaybird forced me to watch the top one of those two the other night when I was having a rough day and the sheer ingeniousness of it cheered me up.

    Anyway, I really love Bastille’s mashup covers – part of the reason I like them so much. No Angels is the one everyone knows, but this is actually my favorite:


  2. My favorite mashup is, well it is two songs from the same album, Combistication. It is on the remix of that album, featuring remixes by a cast of characters from around the musical world such as Dan the Automator, Yuka Honda and this by Bill Laswell. Laswell is mostly know for working in the downtown radical Jewish music scene made famous by John Zorn.


  3. DJ Earworm (also on YouTube) does a somewhat different type of mashup. He’ll often take a number of songs (yearly he’ll do one with every chart-topper of the year) and he’ll construct a song out of bits of the individual songs.

    But I rather enjoy a good mash-up.

    (And wasn’t mash-ups something of the “winning strategy/hidden weapon” for the movie Pitch Perfect?)


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