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A couple of years ago, Batman: Arkham Knight came out and it was really good. Well, it was really good on PS4. So good that I beat it twice before anything but the Day One DLC came out.

And after I beat it that second time, I said something to the effect of “Ugh. I won’t need to play that again for years!”

And I didn’t, even though I got the season pass in the first few minutes of playing it because, jeez, I thought the game was awesome.

Well, I realize that it has been a couple of years and I beat the ported-to-PS4 Arkham Asylum and the ported-to-PS4 Arkham City and I sat down with Arkham Knight and realized, oh jeez! I’ve got about 10 gigs of DLC to download! So, once again, I sit down to play Arkham Knight and, instead, I’ve got about seven hours of stuff to download.

But, yesterday, the downloads were all finished and I sat down to play and, golly, it’s like riding a bike.

Of course it’s absurd and overstuffed and they crowbar in dang-near everybody from every single corner of the Bat Universe. From greatest hits like Man-Bat and Two-Face to lesser-known deep cuts like Professor Pyg, if this were a movie, then this would be a movie that you complain about years after the fact… but since it’s a video game, you lean forward and think it’s cool that they included a little shout-out to that particular corner of the bat-universe by having you fight Deacon Blackfire.

And, jeez, they released, like, 10 gigs of stuff since the last time I touched it. So I’m going to get back to it. (It’s okay, I’m doing laundry.)

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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5 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. I finished Pyre earlier in the week, it’s a short game, but very good. The soundtrack is excellent, but then that’s true for all of Supergiant Games’s work.

    I’ve gone back to Civ for a while, as that’s my usual between-games game. Now that they’ve released the final patch for Mass Effect Andromeda, I might go back and give it another play.


  2. I’m playing ME:A on PS4, but my wife is monopolizing that playing Final Fantasy.

    I’ve been playing Civ 5 but after three attempts to start a game, i think I’m burned out. I’m trying to decide what to play now. (Vanishing of Ethan Carter, This War of Mine, Stardrive, Planescape Torment, or another hack at Baldur’s Gate…)


  3. I’ve been playing witcher 3 again. Third time around. Working the qwent quests this time, and thinking about hooking up with Triss vs Yennefer. Not played in about a year and nothing’s out I want to play right now much…or that I want to pay full price for.

    Usually I get a game AFTER most of the dlc comes out or wait until it all goes on sale. Depends upon the game.


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