Begun The Statue Wars Have

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24 thoughts on “Begun The Statue Wars Have

      • Oscar,
        I’m sorry, but you don’t get to call an entire planet’s worth of ecology a gimmick (all based on quantum effects). When you’ve put that much work into something, it’s a resource, not a gimmick.


      • I swear the Angels is one of the dumbest gimmicks Dr. Who has ever created, but damn if they didn’t expertly execute it.

        They did at first. They became less scary when they started showing them moving.

        Because before, when it seemed like _us_ looking at them fixed them in place, there were shades of The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You. If we could affect them…they could affect us.

        Then they decided to have them move in, I think , The Time of the Angels, and, whatever. Boo.


  1. Good luck with the Lenin statue. It’s on private property, waiting for a buyer.

    It does get dressed in drag every year for Pride, and the local community seems to find it the perfect target for all sorts of hilarity like that.

    On the other hand, isn’t the Seattle mayor involved in some sort of controversy already? Perhaps he’s hoping to change the subject. (I honestly don’t see two statues on private property in Seattle being a flash point for anything…)


    • Private property must be abolished as a modern bourgeois conceit that conceals its source in the class antagonism by which the many are exploited by the few. The call to the masses to destroy the statue of Lenin will resound widely and is an inevitable first step to a classless society where all will have statues wherever and however they desire. Though those that erect statues honoring the Mayor of Seattle will best reflect the clearest understanding of the new and improved social order.


      • I find it hilarious that some people think (1) Seattle is somehow full of Communists, Socialists, and Lenin-worshippers and (2) thus conclude that the Lenin statue is some sort of reverent icon to those ideologies instead of an amusing local oddity and target for artists. (That these are often the very people explaining how the effete coastal elites never bother to understand real, Red American, is just ironic).

        It’s a statue they find hilarious to use as a backdrop and do crap to that would have Lenin rolling in his grave. If people routinely used Robert E Lee statues as targets for mocking the crap out of the Confederacy, nobody would be wanting to take them down.


      • The irony of the Lenin statue is apparently one reason the local artists love it.

        I mean think about it — a Lenin statue due to be scrapped, purchased by a capitalist for use in his restaurant, and currently displayed on privately owned land while for sale. Used as a backdrop to local artists, mostly protesting or mocking him, and according to a local I was listening to — they’ve been contemplating sticking an ATM in the back of it.

        You can see a picture here. _(I choose a photo with minimum, um, other artistic contributions — those are fun to look at though.)

        A few things to note about the statute proper — he’s not posed neutrally or like a benevolent leader, he’s leaning forward almost menacingly. And the backdrop of the piece? The artist liked to live dangerously, I suppose — the folds have a distinct rifle shape.

        Compared to the common statues of Lenin, which do tend towards the “beloved leader” or “visionary” thing, this one shows a figure propped up by the threats and weapons.


  2. It’ll be funny when a mob taking down a statue turns out to be sponsored by a competitor of the firm that put up the statue in the first place. Like, “little girl in front of bull”, only more so.


  3. So, this hobo inherited 50 million dollars and decided to build himself a mansion. He gave the architect only one instruction: in every room, there should be a statue. What sort of statue? “A good one”.

    So the architect bought only the very best of classical, neo-classical, and abstract statuary. The result would have made any art-lover jealous, but the hobo wasn’t satisfied. “I said I wanted a statue in every room. I don’t even see one!”

    “I’m very sorry. Can you explain a bit more clearly what you desire?”

    “You know, one of those things, it rings, and you pick it up, and you say “‘Stat you?'”


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