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  1. Avatar aaron david says:

    Prepping for houseguest? For me, its prepping for Eclipse.

    We are at Eday minus 7 and the prepping is beginning. We are the second place on the eclipse path and the town of 50 thousand is expected to get to 500 thousand. We have been told to get groceries, fuel up beforehand, the university is shutting down for the day and if your business isn’t tourist friendly to shut down. So, just your standard apocalypse behavior.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to aaron david says:

      Oh, jeez. I haven’t even considered that aspect of it. I figured that I’d just drive up to Wyoming after waking up at some godawful hour on the 21st and just drive to Casper, oooh and aaaah and say “I can see some of the planets!” and then drive home.Report

      • Avatar Michael Cain in reply to Jaybird says:

        The Denver Post says Wyoming is expecting about 600,000 out-of-state people on the 21st, much of that coming from the south up I-25. My plan had been to take I-25 as far as Cheyenne, then Highway 85 NE as far as Torrington (two minutes of totality). Now I’m wondering if maybe I should just go as far as my daughter’s in Fort Collins and settle for 95%. Or stay at home and get 93.5%.Report

      • Avatar Miss Mary in reply to Jaybird says:

        That was kind of my plan too. Leave the Portland metro area and drive south a couple of hours before heading back home. Then the guy on the news revealed not only my plan, but the stupidity behind my plan because of clogged roadways. That guy is a spoil sport!

        My father and I have very little in common. Our love of theater, reading, travel, and astronomy. That’s it. He’s coming to town for the eclipse. Not for the big, annual party I throw every year, which happens to be two days before the eclipse, but he’ll be here for the eclipse. Eh.Report

      • Avatar Michael Cain in reply to Jaybird says:

        I was curious and checked motels in Kearney, NE. Booked solid for Sunday night at $800 per room.Report

    • fillyjonk fillyjonk in reply to aaron david says:

      oh, my word. So it’s basically “duck and cover” without the threat of annihilation? Fun, fun, fun.

      I didn’t think of that but yeah – that does not sound fun. (We are at 80% here. It’s the first day for the university but I have no afternoon classes so I can go out and experience (partial) Darkness at Noon.

      This weekend for me is a self-care weekend to rest up (and get the house cleaned up, and get some food cooked ahead) before the whirlwind of meetings next week and classes grinding to life.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Rock Climbing update week six of going every week:

    I grunt when I sit down in a particularly deep chair and there are twinges when I do stuff that involves raising stuff over my head but…

    I don’t want to die. Even though I climbed harder on this last Wednesday than I did two months ago.Report

  3. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    Surrobabe is one week old today. I got my first decent night of sleep last night and only had to wake up three times to pump breast milk. More postpartum healing this weekend before I head to California Sunday to visit family.Report