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  1. Avatar Pinky

    I once saw a chart of the membership of, I think it was Jefferson Airplane / Starship initially, but the chart ended up documenting about 20 bands’ overlaps. I think The Grateful Dead and CSNY got sucked into it too. I wish I could find it. I once saw something like that for Blind Faith / Cream. I’m wondering if it might have the same one.Report

  2. Avatar Damon

    Before I closed down Pandora, I was listening to Chinese Giquin music.Report

  3. Avatar aaron david

    Free Your Mind is good, damn good, but Maggot Brain… That is the stuff! (The story goes that Clinton told Eddie Hazel to “play like your mother just dies, then play like you just found out she lived.)


  4. Avatar Slade the Leveller

    Two newish platters gracing my turntable of late:

    Son Volt’s Notes of Blue and New Model Army’s Winter.

    Son Volt

    New Model ArmyReport

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