While at the record store picking up a fidget spinner for Maribou, I asked the pierced, tattooed, gauged record store employee if he could recommend some nice trip-hoppy fuzzy hazy shoe-gazey music for me. He immediately started walking and grabbed a copy of Nothing’s “Tired of Tomorrow” off the shelf and handed it to me.

From the first few seconds, I was *HOOKED*.

If I had to describe it, I’d say it sounds like if the bands Low and Hum decided to collaborate with each other and they got the lead singer from The Stone Roses to sing.

Seems silly to describe it, though, when I can just ask you to listen to the opening song on the album: Fever Queen. (What makes this song so very perfect and frustrating is that it clocks in at around two minutes-fifty. Which means that it always leaves me wanting more, like, I wish that it were a four minute song.) I absolutely adore how the beginning progresses to crest around 1:00 in the song. Absolutely lovely.

Nothing – "Fever Queen" (Official Audio)

The second song on the album is really the one that reminded me of The Stone Roses: The Dead Are Dumb.

Nothing – "The Dead Are Dumb" (Official Audio)

Those are probably the two best songs on the album but it’s not like there is a huge fall-off from those two. The entire album is good and perfect to play in the background while cooking or driving or writing a post like this one. I wholeheartedly recommend this album to anyone who misses the music from the 90’s listening it with a great speaker is the best, you can read more reviews about the best speakers right now, I also highly suggest to visit site which is great for those who love music in general. (I figure that this is how Led Zeppelin fans felt when Wolfmother put out their debut album.)

So… what are you listening to?

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday!

  1. I’m putting together a roadtrip mix for our 12-hour drive to Outer Banks, NC this weekend. I have two playlists. The first is for the drive and it will be turned on and off between podcasts, talking to the wife and an an audio book. That playlist is a mix of genres, meant to mostly be familiar but also with some surprises in there for the wife. One of those is “Come Down” by Anderson Peak, which is just plain fun.

    The second list is for when we hit OBX proper and want to get into the beach mood. I have some ‘summer country’ stuff and a few other vacation-feeling items, but this is where I will solicit mainstream recommendations from the commentariat, should anyone be so inclined.


  2. I’m listening to Sky News talking about a 27 story apartment building in London that is burning from top to bottom. :(


  3. I’m listening to Meghan Trainor’s Like I’m Going to Lose You. My doctor is talking about taking the baby early due to high blood pressure so I’m feeling sappy. This song is making me feel better so I will listen to it over and over again while I savor the few weeks I have left with this little guy and no one can judge me or I will cry hormonal tears all over them. So there!


    • Police in helicopter

      Love this song….

      “Soldiers in the field, burnin the collie weed
      But if you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the cane fields”


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