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  1. El Muneco says:

    Oldest Surviving Friend and I finished Shadow Warrior 2 campaign after 50 hours played (ending at insanity +2 difficulty, one below maximum allowed at that character level). Worst boss fight was actually in the middle, the last few were almost anticlimactic).

    Soliciting 2-player co-op on PC recommendations… Thinking about Don’t Starve Together. We played Diablo2 in the past, and after SW2, Borderlands would probably be too much too soon. An updated X-Wing vs Tie Fighter would be great, but no one makes arcade flight sims any more. We played World of Tanks before the pay-to-win became too obviius to ignore. Maybe 5-6 hours a week, so nothing too hardcore…Report

    • Jaybird in reply to El Muneco says:

      I have not played Don’t Starve Together *BUT* it comes highly recommended by a co-worker.

      If you guys don’t mind paying for Diablo III, I can confirm that it doesn’t suck now and I’ve played co-op with co-workers and it’s fun.

      Like, let me repeat that with emphasis. *I* have played co-op with co-workers.Report

      • El Muneco in reply to Jaybird says:

        Thanks. I played a fair amount of D3 when it first came out – maybe it’s worth revisiting. It always was in D2, when you both specialize your build, you can get massive synergy. I couldn’t even solo very far into endgame in D2, but with someone behind me to do the actual killing I could survive forever…

        I’ll bring it up.Report

  2. jason says:

    The wife and I enjoy diablo III together. I am eager for the necromancer (even though I love my witch doctor). Lately, I’ve been playing Injustice 2; it’s fun and you can even let the AI play for you, which is more satisfying than it should be.Report

  3. KenB says:

    I’m playing the heck out of the Terra Mystica app. It’s a lot easier to get reasonably good at a board game when you can play it multiple times a day, rather than just once every month or two.Report