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Having heard that there is an upcoming patch for Diablo III that will re-introduce the Necromancer (from Diablo II) as a playable character into the Diablo Universe, I said something to the effect of “meh, okay”… but then I remembered playing Diablo III way back a couple of years ago when they introduced Seasons… and I thought “well, I wonder what’s going on now?”

And, holy cow level, I found myself hooked again.

It’s Season 10 right now and they’ve added this thing where, if you beat Season 10, they’ll give you a full set. (As a Witch Doctor, I got Zunimassa’s Haunt, for example.) But, for the most part, it’s just the simple joys of playing through the game as if it were the first time again. You run around at level 1 and shoot undead monsters and go up levels and get new “Legendary” items and min-max your character and things are set up so that you get a little puff of endorphins every 5-10 minutes or so because you’ve beaten this group of elite monsters, or that boss, or happened to have a really good *SOMETHING* drop that gives you a 1% improvement over the previous something you were running around with.

Torment VI was, I think, the highest level when I stopped playing last time and, now, you can reach the dizzying heights of Torment XIII as your run from here to there to find something (ANYTHING!) that might give you that sweet, sweet 1% you’re looking for.

It *IS* fun to watch your character progress and go from running in terror from monsters to killing bosses before they’re finished giving their opening monologues, but the simple joys of hearing a “DING” and knowing that you just hit the jackpot, maybe, are as addicting as ever.

And the Necromancer isn’t even out yet! (Folks theorize he’ll be out in July with the 2.6 patch.)

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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5 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. Oldest Surviving Friend and I finished Shadow Warrior 2 campaign after 50 hours played (ending at insanity +2 difficulty, one below maximum allowed at that character level). Worst boss fight was actually in the middle, the last few were almost anticlimactic).

    Soliciting 2-player co-op on PC recommendations… Thinking about Don’t Starve Together. We played Diablo2 in the past, and after SW2, Borderlands would probably be too much too soon. An updated X-Wing vs Tie Fighter would be great, but no one makes arcade flight sims any more. We played World of Tanks before the pay-to-win became too obviius to ignore. Maybe 5-6 hours a week, so nothing too hardcore…


    • I have not played Don’t Starve Together *BUT* it comes highly recommended by a co-worker.

      If you guys don’t mind paying for Diablo III, I can confirm that it doesn’t suck now and I’ve played co-op with co-workers and it’s fun.

      Like, let me repeat that with emphasis. *I* have played co-op with co-workers.


      • Thanks. I played a fair amount of D3 when it first came out – maybe it’s worth revisiting. It always was in D2, when you both specialize your build, you can get massive synergy. I couldn’t even solo very far into endgame in D2, but with someone behind me to do the actual killing I could survive forever…

        I’ll bring it up.


  2. The wife and I enjoy diablo III together. I am eager for the necromancer (even though I love my witch doctor). Lately, I’ve been playing Injustice 2; it’s fun and you can even let the AI play for you, which is more satisfying than it should be.


  3. I’m playing the heck out of the Terra Mystica app. It’s a lot easier to get reasonably good at a board game when you can play it multiple times a day, rather than just once every month or two.


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