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  1. Avatar Francis says:

    America’s Cup 2017 racing started today in Bermuda.Report

  2. Avatar Zac Black says:

    I scored a copy of Torment: Tides of Numenera for my Xbone last week and I’ve been slowing playing through that. It was funny, when I looked it up on Amazon most of the reviews were either 5-star or 1-star, and all for the same reason. People were like, “I can go through this entire game without ever once fighting anyone; it’s basically like reading an interactive novel, it’s amazing!” and others were like, “I can go through this whole game without fighting anyone, it’s terrible unless you a fan of huge walls of boring text!” I’m definitely of the former camp, so I’ve been loving it thus far.Report

  3. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    I just picked up a little game called TransPlan on Steam for 3 bucks. I love it. Dropping balls, slides, catapults, slings and more. I think my middle name must be Rube Goldberg.Report