Maribou and I work split schedules most of the months of the year. I tend to work from 8ish to 5ish (more if everything is on fire, of course) and Maribou tends to work from Noonish to 8ish (with Fridays being 2ish to 10ish).

But after the kids finish up their schooling for the year, Maribou’s schedule shifts to be pretty much identical to mine (like, I can drop her off at work in the morning and then pick her up from work on my way home… assuming not everything is on fire, of course) and so we can have a summer full of evenings spent together.

Which is good for both of us, I think. For much of the year, I get a couple hours of “Me Time” before I have to see another human being but after nine months of this, I begin to think “Huh… I’m not seeing her as much as I’d like…” and then I get a summer full of spending evenings with her.

And at the end of that, I start thinking “I really, really, really miss my couple hours of ‘Me Time'”.

It’s really good to be entering the part of the year where I get to spend more time with Maribou because, jeez, I practically haven’t been seeing her at all, it feels like.

But it also feels like the years have been speeding up. Which is somewhat uncool. Someone should look into that.

Anyway, this weekend, we will be training a new couple of people to play Lords of Waterdeep in preparation for a Co-Worker’s Game Night where we will have two Lords of Waterdeep boards set up and up to 10 of us will be able to play with each other. I’d like the official game night to go smoothly so I’m going to be training a much smaller group of co-workers on the rules, how to set up the board, and the stuff they’re likely to encounter while playing the game.

We had a Munchkin mishap last time, you see. We all agreed to never play it again.

After that, it’s the usual chores, errands, and spending time with Maribou and, knock wood, it looks like it’s fixing to be a good weekend all around.

So… what changes for you with the advent of summertime?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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13 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. A “Munchkin mishap” often leads to 18 years of time slipping by. Just saying…

    Quiet weekend for me, will be batching it most of next week so mostly chores. Need to pickup coffee.


  2. I’m gonna be in New York and see Lee and hang out.

    But it looks like my Memorial Day weekend might be sacrificed to an opposition to Summary judgment


  3. The plan was to start in on the tree damage that eight inches of late May snow would have caused. We seem to have dodged the bullet on that one, with only a couple inches of accumulation on bushes and roofs, and the trees stayed snow-free. Risk now is that it will clear early overnight and allow temps to drop below freezing. Tough year for the trees so far — so warm for so long early that they started leafing out, then we had two nights of snow and well below freezing that killed those leaves, then they started leafing out again and we had enough hail to strip them, then they started leafing out again and we had this mess.


  4. I really revel in having my evenings free at first – we had social time yesterday, will have tonight, and I have stuff planned for Sunday and Monday nights. Like Jay, by August I’ll be demanding more introvert time, but right now it’s AWFULLY nice actually seeing him every day.

    I’m also exhausted from the end of school. Yesterday I did physical stuff at work that I’ll be paying back to my body for the next two weeks.

    So I’m really looking forward to doing as little as possible on Saturday. Perhaps I will not get dressed.


  5. A Munchkin mishap that lead to never playing it again?! Dang, that’s pretty bad. I never knew such a fun game could cause so much drama!

    Junior is seeing his father this weekend. Like Maribou, I owe my body some rest this weekend. I’ve been riding my bicycle 13 miles round trip for work on days when we’ve had nice weather. Not such a great idea at 29 weeks pregnant, you might say. So far, so good, but I am a little pooped. I might have to quit in a week or two.

    I’m also seeing a play on Saturday!


  6. No Munchkin ever??? Some mishap

    We leave tomorrow for my youngest step-daughter’s Graduation in a SMALL town in Illinois (think lots of corn). We will be there for 5 days since her younger brother still has school till Wednesday afternoon. Twelve hour drive so it made sense to just shack up at a cheap motel until he is through with school rather than drive back be home for one day and drive back up. Then the summer begins and I get to come home and put out fires from being gone almost a week.


  7. Seeing a good friend for a drink after work tonight, and buying a replacement for our second car. Whoever thought that using a timing chain instead of a belt was a good idea ought to have his engineer’s license revoked. It’s always nice when a part fails and the fix is getting a new motor. /s

    Last weekend we drove to Detroit to see the Branford Marsalis Quartet with Kurt Elling. I’ve never been to that city, and I was surprised to see a higher than expected level of activity downtown. What I saw looked pretty nice, which leads me to believe that city gets a bum rap, at least some of the time. And, if you’re a jazz fan, or even if you’re not, buying a ticket to see this show would be money well spent.


  8. It’s been a week without AC at work, not to bad because at least we get to fight in the shade. Will be cleaning the filters on the AC unit at home and enjoying some frosty goodness.


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