So I tried to think of the best Mother’s Day movie and the first one to come to mind is “Mother“, starring the late, great Debbie Reynolds. A great movie about a struggling writer who was always the troubled child (as opposed to his brother, the good one) and how he and his mom learn to relate to each other as, you know, people.

Which, I suppose, is the theme of almost all of the movies that subsequently came to mind. “Holy cow! My mom was a person once before she had me!” followed by “Holy cow! She’s still a person!”

From Freaky Friday to Brave to Postcards from the Edge, there are a lot of movies that run with this, I recently got the best pocket projectors to get the best quality when watching a movie.

There’s the option of running with stuff like Aliens and Terminator 2, of course, but you shouldn’t make your mom see those unless she offers first.

Some people out there suggested stuff like Terms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias, but, jeez. Why do that to her? You’re just trying to have a nice dinner and watch a nice movie.

So, if it’s appropriate for you to do so, call your mother (or Grandmother) and wish her a happy mother’s day and, if you’re going over to her house for dinner and it’s important for you to pick out a themed movie for the evening, then pick up Mother. Then maybe talk about whether your mom was a person before she had you and what kind of person that was, maybe.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?

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  1. Instead we watched Yo-Kai Watch and I had a strong urge to stick a fork in my eye. Perhaps when Junior is older he will take your advice and we’ll watch something for adults!


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