Daily Archive: May 12, 2017

Daily Beast: This ICE Informant Is About to Get Deported

Khalid Zafrain came to the U.S. legally as a refugee from Sudan and helped federal agents break up a passport counterfeiting ring—a ring which helped a woman flee the U.S. after allegedly murdering her five-month-old baby.But despite his work as an informant, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is trying to deport him.Zafrain is currently being held at the Farmville Detention Center in central Virginia, awaiting deportation proceedings. His story points to a broader challenge for immigration enforcers: As President Donald Trump pushes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to amp up deportations of immigrants convicted or suspected of crimes, ICE agents will increasingly rely on the immigrant community for help with their law enforcement mandate. And at a time when immigrants’ trust in ICE couldn’t be lower, the agency’s decision to try to deporting one of the few immigrants who actually helped them won’t make that any easier.

From: This ICE Informant Is About to Get Deported – The Daily Beast

The Fight for Federal Lands

Federal lands are back in the news as a new regime in Washington pursues their agenda on public spaces.

Linky Friday: Here, There, Everywhere

For about 36 hours this week, it looked like we were relocating to Alaska. This week: Home, School, Work, Earth, and Space.