The Wonders Reunite To Perform ‘That Thing You Do!’

On Tuesday night, three-fourths of the Oneders-turned-Wonders — heartthrob singer Jimmy Mattingly (Johnathon Schaech), unnamed bass player The Bass Player (Ethan Embry), and drummer Guy “Shades” Patterson (Tom Everett Scott) — reunited at the Roxy in Los Angeles to perform the fastest rising single in the history of the Playtone label, “That Thing You Do!” The gig was a last-minute surprise: Shades teased the unannounced performance on his Twitter with a link to the Goddamn Comedy Jam with Bill Burr. Hopefully no one broke their arm on a parking meter racing to get there.

From: The Wonders Reunite To Perform ‘That Thing You Do!’

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  1. Great movie. Obviously a labor of love, they captured the different musical styles of 1964 brilliantly. And it’s genuinely sweet. Movies about rock stars always have the treacherous record company, the heroin overdose, the psychotic groupie chick, et cetera, but this movie is so innocent.


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