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Fluxx is a great game for those who have mastered Uno and are ready for something just a little more complex.

The rules are somewhat simple:
Everybody draws three cards as their starting hand.
then somehow figure out who goes first and then each person, in turn, goes on to
Draw One Card. Play One Card.

Fair enough, right? Well, I suppose that that depends on what the cards are.

Well, there are cards that are Keeper cards (that is, you play them and you “keep” them), there are cards that are Action cards (they describe an action and you/others have to do it), cards that are Goal cards (they describe what goal needs to be achieved in order to win), and there are Rule cards (these can change, among other things, the number of cards you draw and the number of cards you play).

So you might find yourself with an opening hand with a Keeper card that says “Sun”, a Rule Card that says “Draw Two Cards, Play Two Cards”, and a Goal Card that says “Hippyism (the person with the “Peace” Keeper card and the “Love” Keeper card wins the game).

So you might want to play your Rule card and change the rules. Or you might want to put your Keeper out there. You might not want to put the Goal card out there on the off chance that someone else out there has the two keepers in question in their hand and can get them out before someone else changes the Goal.

There’s some elbow room for strategy, there’s a good amount of chance, and every single game is different from every other single game.

If it sounds confusing, know that it’s simple when you have the Rule card sitting out there and the Goal card sitting out there telling you what to go for (or what to keep others from going for). I’d say it’s appropriate for anybody old enough to read and, to go back to Uno, enjoy playing a Draw Four on someone else. So you can play it with kids.

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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12 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. Playing Fallout 4 on my very slick new Alienware Aurora (thanks for the recs!).

    But for dogs sake, why oh why does Bethesda not offer a default left-hand setting?


  2. We just got the Vengeance expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse. We pulled out a squeaker last night, achieving the win with two out of three players knocked out.

    I have played many games of Fluxx in my day, I am unsure if I’ve ever won a single one.


  3. My Oldest Surviving Friend and I are about halfway through co-op Shadow Warrior 2.

    Biggest frustration is that although all players get mission rewards, only the host gets official credit for completing the mission.

    It’s still inferior to SW 2013 as a game. But the multiplayer aspect makes that fact of only marginal relevance.


  4. Fluxx is a kooky game. It hardly even makes sense to try very hard to win, with all the randomness — best to just go with the flow and hope you get the Play All card when you have 20 cards in your hand, including one to let you swap hands with someone else. I played it once with my strategy game group and everyone was pretty frustrated at seeing their plans continually thwarted, but it was great at a holiday gathering with a mix of ages and a decent amount of alcohol in those who were old enough to drink.


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