Months ago, we had our gaming night with co-workers where we successfully avoided playing Cards Against Humanity with them.

That evening, all told, was a roaring success. There were two tables, one for the Hardcore who wished to play Steampunk Munchkin (and they play for *KEEPS*) and another table for the normies who wished to play games where the point was to giggle. I was put in charge of shepherding the normie table (which included a couple of young’uns). We played Anomia.

It was *SO* popular that we decided to do it again. So, a month ago, we all discussed how we needed to have another one, but we needed to DO IT RIGHT this time and so we started discussing menus and planning a veritable feast that could quickly and easily be followed by some seriously hardcore Munchkin playing (with a table in the corner for normies).

I’m shepherding the table with the kind and gentle people again and, this time, I will be playing Hoot Owl Hoot with them (and their parents). If that goes over well, maybe we’ll attempt Fluxx. But, you know, since it involves young’uns, they’ll probably skedaddle after 9ish or so… at which point Gaming Begins In Earnest.

But, prior to that, we’ll have The Feast.

I volunteered for a lot of the heavy lifting there so, so far, I am in charge of:
Individual cheesecakes including strawberry cheesecake (a success), applesauce cheesecake (a qualified failure… tastes good, but you can’t tell that it has apples involved), and Good Old Fashioned Cheesecake and I figure that I’ll just have some pie filling next to it that you can spoon on yourself. Want cherry cheesecake? Here’s a spoon.

Individual Fluted Chocolate Cups Filled With Mousse. I’ve made the fluted chocolate cups already (easy peasy, you just get some aluminum muffin cups and paint them with magic shell, put them in the freezer for a couple of minutes, add another coat, put them in the freezer for a couple of minutes… four coats will give you fluted chocolate cups) and I’m going to be whipping up some mousse later tonight with three flavors: Crème de Menthe, Grand Marnier, and (young’un-appropriate) Strawberry.

Scottish Trifle! Thanks to Passover, the store recently carried a variety of Manischewitz macaroons so I get to make a proper trifle with macaroons that are the right consistency. (I make a spongecake, cut it in half the hard way, make a jam sandwich with the cake, then dice the cake up and alternate layers of spongecake jam sandwich bits, macaroons, and straw/rasp/blackberries and keep sprinkling tawny port all over it as the layers get thicker.) Homemade whipped cream goes on top of that.

Pasketti sauce. Three variants: Spicy sauce (with jalapeño cheesy brats providing the meat), mild sauce (hamburger provides the meat), and vegetarian.

Homemade bread. I am making my Pluckit bread, which recipe was given me by Maribou’s own mother. I figure I’ll start two batches tomorrow night and let them rise overnight, then make two more on Saturday itself.

And I’m bringing a couple bottles of Newton Cabernet Sauvignon to be everyone’s first glass of wine. (Who cares what the second glass tastes like, am I right? But the first glass needs to be a very, very good glass indeed.)

And I’m terrified that I won’t make enough.

So I’m spending tomorrow and Saturday cooking, cooking, and more cooking.

And, Sunday I guess, I’ll do some chores.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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7 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Tomorrow will mostly be spent lying in the gravity chair with Tiger as we both half-pay attention to Jay’s cooking noises.

    Saturday, see above.

    Sunday, who knows but probably some ST:TNG with C, over at Dman’s house.


  2. This is my last weekend without Big Commitments for a little while (next weekend: All The Grading, following weekend, graduation, after that, some traveling) so I am taking it totally off and not doing any work-work. Probably staying at home and knitting.


  3. Returning to a restaurant that my friend’s field agent swears has been completely redone (kind of a shame, I liked the dive bar theme for a crackin’ good woodfired pizza place in the middle of nowhere), some sort of data transmission thing that I’m carefully not asking too many questions about (although it may involve birds), hiking, seeing three feature films in a row on Sunday (JFilm), and going for a picnic (by visiting the General Store which was some sort of bribe/concession and thus is now in business AND making a profit because the profit-clause hasn’t kicked in).

    Busy weekend!


  4. I apparently don’t have anything much scheduled for the weekend. I don’t entirely trust this.

    Fledermaus and kiddo went Wednesday night to her parents’ for her dad’s approximate birthday, and will be there until Sunday night. Mr. T is working out of town Friday, and heading out Saturday evening to do some work at his mom’s on Sunday.

    So, it’s going to be awful quiet around the house. Except for cat mrowowrowling – the kitten appears to have gone into heat. At least she doesn’t seem to be a pee-on-all-the-things heaty kitty.

    Probably I’ll do some laundry, bake bread, and drink wine in the bathtub.

    There’s a Sunday-morning tai chi / dance party thingy I might go to if I’m not feeling too luxuriously lazy.


  5. Let’s see, had lawn guy out today for estimates on laying sod on the dead half of my yard, and estimates on dealing with the trees shading the dead half of my yard. And also the other trees. (Yard died due to drought. Won’t regrow due to shade. Iffy on whether laying new grass down will work with shade).

    Currently trying to decide which trees to cut, which to trim, and and how much to trim. Front yard is easy — big but simple job. Backyard is several fully mature, healthy trees with too much shade — and too entangled with power and phone lines those companies keep ‘forgetting’ to come trim.

    Honestly hoping to just lose one of the four problematic backyard trees and then trimming back the others.

    Also had plumber out — probably could have fixed that myself, but personal experience says “If it can leak water where you can’t see it, it’s cheaper to have plumbers do it — and if they screw up, they’ll repair the damage”.. Roofers soon. Expensive home owning year, looks like.


  6. Um, if I lived in your area, I would be attending that gaming night. Sounds delish!

    My sister, niece, and nephew just left town this morning to head back to California. I’d like to make the trip to see them in a few weeks, but I have to get permission from the surrogacy team. Ugh.

    I will spend half the day Saturday doing a glucose tolerance test at the hospital for surrobabe. Typical test to do as I’m 26 weeks along, but not really how I want to spend my Saturday morning. If there aren’t any concerns I have gestational diabetes, I will celebrate. But if there are, I’ll have to spend Sunday researching what to do if I have gestational diabetes.


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