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I enjoy games that demand my full attention and require me to sit down and lean forward and, next thing I know, it’s 3 hours later. Those are awesome.

But there is something to be said about the games that can be played idly, while you’re watching something else in another window, or listening to music that has nothing to do with the game, or listening to podcasts, or, for that matter, writing a post.

And, luckily, there are games that are just perfect for that too.

My old-fashioned go-to game is Plants vs. Zombies. It’s got the main game, it’s got the various puzzles, it’s got the Zen Garden if you need a bit of a break.

Currently, however, I’m enjoying Mini Metro. You start with a handful of train stations and it’s your job to connect them to each other and get the various people at the various stations to their various destinations. As time goes on, you’ll get more stations popping up with people who need to get to their station and you’ve got to put together the best map you can, transporting the most people you can, for as long as you can.

Beautiful bright colors, bold symbols for each station (circle, square, triangle, star), and the cars going back and forth, up and down the line, carrying little symbols to their destinations.

Not terribly taxing, not terribly stressful, and it’ll let you pause while you switch between the main tasks you’re doing, whatever they are.

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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11 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. I found Mini Metro very demanding, but then I haven’t tried the endless mode.

    I finished Andromeda last week – it ended well, though with a fair few loos threads as sequel hook. Ultimately it’s side-quest structure felt like a refinement of Dragon Age: Inquisitions, but the characters didn’t land as well for me. Also the menu interface is poor – I’m really sick of interfaces deigned for consoles being used for the PC version. Overall, I still think its worth playing, though its probably worth waiting a few months for patching.


    • I found the ending utterly anticlimactic in both gameplay and narrative. I presume there is some Trespasser equivalent DLC planned to provide a better endgame, but the base game didn’t really do it for me.


  2. I have Mini Metro and I play it from time to time and enjoy it. If you like it, you might like Train Valley, which I really enjoyed, in blitz mode.


  3. Spent most of Saturday playing the new Mass Effect, honestly, and I’ll probably do the same today. I know a lot of people don’t care for it, but I honestly have been enjoying the hell out of it.


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