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8 Responses

  1. Marchmaine says:

    Reading Dreher’s BenOp book [required reading for my tribe] and heading up to mid-town Manhattan for business meetings on Monday; I hear there’s a pretty good Olive Garden there, so stoked for that.

    Oh, and keeping an eye open as the Ewes and Goats are lambing/kidding right now.Report

  2. This week is ugly with Business travel

    I feel your pain.Report

  3. Damon says:

    Had dinner with my VERY LIBERAL actress/producer friend. She brought up that she’s realizing that there’s a whole lot of (political/cultural) diversity in this country and even in our state…

    Wow. Still not sure how to react to that comment. But hey, the ravoli with meat and cheese in red/white sauce rocked, so WTFC, amirite?Report

    • Kimmi in reply to Damon says:

      My friend’s April Fools Unprank (that is to say, attempting to “fix” the actual prank that went horribly horribly wrong) includes reprogramming the prankster via hypnotism.

      It’s times like these that I consider that we might want to do this with more people than simply the utterly incompetent.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    Well, most of my predictions were not entirely wrong this year.

    But, once again, they front-loaded all of the good matches.

    When we realized that Reigns vs. Undertaker was closing the show, that’s when we knew that Reigns would be winning. Sigh.Report

    • Reformed Republican in reply to Jaybird says:

      The Undertaker match left me with a big question. Did he look like he did not belong in the ring because they were trying to tell the story that he was ready to retire, or was it because he is really so bad that he had to retire?

      Other than that, just about everything was pretty much by the numbers, except for the Hardys. That was cool.Report

      • The Undertaker match did not leave me with that question. It just made me say “oh, crap… they’re going to try to stuff Reigns down our throat some freakin’ MORE… let’s hope for a riot.”

        When the Hardys came out, we all yelled *OH MY GOD* except for the guy who only shows up for Wrestlemanias and he asked us what the big deal was and we spent the next 5 minutes talking about the old tag-team division.

        I think my favorite match of the night was Shane/AJ. We saw a lot of good stuff and said, more than once, “that’s a really good move! They should give that to a real wrestler!”Report