“Would you want to watch Ash vs. The Evil Dead? It’s on sale for twenty bucks”, Maribou asked and then told me.

I told her that that sounded like a pretty good idea. I have fond memories of Army of Darkness (who doesn’t?) and it’s been a while since we finished off Burn Notice… sure, I’d like to spend some more time with Bruce Campbell. Yeah, let’s get it!

Well, we sat down to watch Season 1 Episode 1 and I quickly remembered that Ash Williams is *NOT* Sam Axe. Sam Axe is a bit of a boor but, fundamentally, a good and decent guy. Ash Williams is… well, as he put it:

Army of Darkness Good, bad – I'm the guy with the Gun!

Well, in the television series, it’s no longer 1991ish, but 2015ish and Ash is no longer at S-Mart but is now at Value Stop. He’s still doing pretty much the same job, though… he’s the guy that the manager hates and his co-workers love (and cover for).

We see him pick up a stranger in a bar and go on to have a flashback about what happened that will be bringing The Evil Dead back into the world to test him and his friends (short version: his fault) and the first episode is about him Refusing The Call until it becomes all-too-clear that he needs to come back and be The Guy With The Gun.

It’s pretty much the same horror/slapstick comedy that you remember. Here’s the basic gist: Imagine an evil possessed doll biting Bruce Campbell on the nose and Bruce Campbell grabbing flower pots and hitting himself in the face with them in order to loosen the doll’s hold.

Does this make you roll your eyes? Feel free to pass on by.
Does this make you gigglesnort? You need to get the show.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?

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12 thoughts on “Sunday!

  1. Bill Paxton died because of surgical complications. Only 61.

    I am more or less to to speed with the TV versions of the Magicians and am zipping through Book One of the same series.

    I like both a lot but they are very different. In the book, the characters start as high school seniors and the cool-gothy kid aspect is less of a thing as far as I can tell (but the TV series truncates the books so maybe there is a Kady like character in the second and third books) . The book so far is generally lighter and has a more ironic narration scheme.


  2. I’d like to give the show a try. It wasn’t on anything I have access to, but maybe I’ll get a DVD if the reviews are good. I enjoyed Army of Darkness. Bruce was great in Burn Notice, but damn he’s gotten old since AoD.

    I spent most of the w/e tending a bruised ankle from jujitsu and playing Fallout 4.


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