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  1. Mike Dwyer says:

    Just saw Rogue One this evening and man, I was positive that the two main characters would turn out to be Rey’s parents in Episode VIII. I also told the wife it was a little bit of a bummer to see literally the entire team get killed.

    But so many nice easter eggs for the fans. All-in-all a solid addition to the franchise. Report

  2. DavidTC says:

    Don’t worry, this long post has no spoilers for Rogue One.

    Here is what I recommend to people who are going to see Rogue One: Have A New Hope cued up for when they get home.

    Rogue One did something that, weirdly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before, or has ever existed. It’s not just a *prequel*. It’s a ‘pre-continuation’.

    To explain, a ‘continuation’ isn’t the same as a sequel. Sequels are a dime a dozen, but continuations are rarer. I use the word continuation because we don’t really have a good word for this in movies, but we do in TV. Most movies series, in TV, would be considered an ‘arc’. By a continuation, I instead mean what in TV we would call a ‘two parter’.

    Continuations are sequels that lead directly into each other, where you can cut out the credits and maybe some opening and go to the next movie. But that’s not the only qualification. It has to be the same story. I.e., Kill Bill, or Lord of the Rings. But, for example, Back to the Future II isn’t really a continuation, despite it picking up at the ending of the last movie. The first movie resolved too much, and then had to have some other story, it just had a new story was introduced at the end of the last movie.

    Most continuations are planned that way to start with, because movies like to wrap things up at the end. But there are a few, a very few, movies that seem like natural continuations of movies that weren’t intended to have continuations.

    But what I’ve never seen is anyone doing that backwards, somehow making an *already existing* movie into a continuation of a new one.

    Rogue One somehow did that. All this time, we’ve actually been watching ‘A New Hope: Part 2’, and never realized it.Report

  3. Michael Drew says:

    T/F?: There will be two more of these, each preceding the last in the story timeline, and this trilogy will then simply be a soft remake-replacement of the existing Eps. I-IIIReport

  4. Saul Degraw says:

    Going through the 4th volume of A Dance to the Music of Time. Also reading a book called The Night Club Era which is a journalists recollection of 1920s nightlife in Manhattan.Report

  5. Kim says:

    Watching Gilligan’s new show (the one thankfully without Skyler).
    Discovered that someone bought Gilligan an island.
    Gilligan apparently didn’t want an island (no surprise) — so now you can rent your own private island.

    Only In Western Pennsylvania.

    (Also, Gilligan’s music choices are seriously odd.)Report

  6. Aaron David says:

    There is a new Star Wars? Huh…

    Reading Calibans War – Expanse #2. Good SciFi fun with a tinge of horror, self described as space opera and I think that fits. Been watching a variety of BBC shows for a bit now, And Then There Were None being the latest (the one with San Neil.) Also a stack of works on rebuilding electric motors to keep myself sharp.Report

  7. Will H. says:

    Jimmy Castor’s Phase II is an overlooked classic.

    Reading-wise: Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius.
    It’s inner cleansing, man.Report

  8. Oscar Gordon says:

    Saw it yesterday, solid movie.

    The director helped things by understanding that if two planets can see each other, one or both of them better be a moon of something much larger. And that physics is a thing (like disabled ships in stable orbits need help falling out of the sky).

    My only quibble was the CGI done to Tarkin & Leia. It was just enough to put me in uncanny valley territory.Report

  9. Michael Cain says:

    What do you call it when an author posts something based on his own work at a fanfic site?Report

    • Kim in reply to Michael Cain says:

      Generally porn, designed as a publicity stunt (or an informal “art book” of concept art — also for publicity and moneyraising, but less “designed”).
      Speaking of which, have you seen the Bojack Horseman pornography? (Particularly the magazine cover with Mr. Peanutbutter on it — that’s even worksafe).

      Written fanfic, as it has a small audience to begin with, is just sorta weird. And who’d fanfic their own crap? (Niven posted some story scraps of “how to completely break this universe I wrote” but he did them under his own name)Report

      • Kim in reply to Kim says:

        Of course, there’s also the pedophilic pornography that quite a few artists put out. They can’t get that on TV or in movies, so it’s rather understandable that it’s generally not under their own name.
        Artists have a hell of a time changing their fists, though.Report

        • Mike Schilling in reply to Kim says:

          It’s a little-known fact that Beethoven’s First Symphony was originally entitled She’s Thirteen, She’s Beautiful, and She’s Mine, but Haydn persuaded him to change it. (Which was a bit hypocritical, given why he was called “Papa” Haydn.)Report

  10. J_A says:

    I haven’t yet seen the movie, but this article is massive food for though

    Big spoilers, read at your peril, btw.

    I would love to hear what those that have seen the movie think about the article’s interpretation? It mirrors something i have believed for many years: that Imperial Stormtroopers are people tooReport