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  1. greginak says:

    Merry Saturnalia everybody.Report

  2. Fish says:

    I fired up the Director’s Cut of Wasteland 2 last week and I’m finding the game to be much more enjoyable this time around now that I understand the mechanics of cover and ambush much better. Heck, I may even finish it this time! The only drawback I have is that I let the computer select my rangers and I ended up with crew heavy on the fightin’ side with a healthy dose of the various “asses” (hard, smart, kiss), but lacking leadership and any kind of lock-picking/bomb-disarming/safe-cracking talent. I’m trying to fix that now, but in games like this it’s always difficult to retrofit a character into something else. I’m also using a walk-through on the Rail Nomads mission because it was really frustrating on my last playthrough to not be able to figure out the key to getting that one right.Report

  3. Kim says:

    There is no duct tape on Mars.Report