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  1. Mike Dwyer says:

    Tonight we drive to French Lick, IN (hometown of Larry Bird) to see Kenny Rogers. It’s his farewell tour and the wife loves some Kenny. I’ll try to enjoy it and think about my mom playing his greatest hits album constantly when I was a kid and feel very nostalgic.Report

  2. aaron David says:

    Making the final 9 hour trip from old home to new home today!
    Then being a zombie for a day before start/finishing holiday shopping.Report

  3. Jacob says:

    I find the exact opposite is true. My Costco has dozens of XL, XXL, and XXXL in every article of clothing, but just a few L and you have to go rummaging for a M. Which means either the buyers in your area have more faith in the physical fitness of your community, or your community is actually morbidly obese and buys all the large jackets.Report

    • I am at the very edge of normal clothing sizes. If I gain any weight or (less likely) grow any taller I will be in the “big and tall” category. Whenever I am in a store that carries clothing I am willing to wear I automatically check the pants. If they just got a shipment in they will have one or two pairs that fit me. If not, someone else with my body type will have grabbed them first. The thing is, they invariably have innumerable pairs in the middle sizes. They are losing sales by not putting in a few more at the large end in place of a few less in the middle. My working hypothesis is that they have sizing charts that (a) assume sizes fall on a bell curve, and (b) uses data from fifty-plus years ago.

      This is a market failure, but the market for clothing is so bizarre that it hardly stands out.Report

    • dragonfrog in reply to Jacob says:

      I can’t often buy pants at Winners – there are great swathes of rack space of pants up in the high 30s / low 40s of waistband-inches. As you get into the low 30s it starts getting sparse. Sometimes there are half a dozen 28-inch waist pairs, sometimes there are none at all.Report

      • Will H. in reply to dragonfrog says:

        I take a 31, and I have difficulty finding my size.
        In farm country, if your waist isn’t bigger than your instep, good luck finding pants.

        Were I to buy overalls, I would have to have them tailored.
        Just can’t buy off the rack.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Jacob says:

      Your Costco has XXXL?

      Colorado Springs Costcos only go up to XXL.

      Trust me: I’ve *LOOKED*.

      Apparently, Colorado is the fittest state.

      For some reason.Report

    • Maribou in reply to Jacob says:

      @jacob They grow ’em bigger up here.Report

  4. dragonfrog says:

    This is our last weekend before the whirlwind of “relaxing” Yuletide visits.

    My phone just binged to tell me there is an extreme cold weather warning. So I guess we’ll be dressing warmly.

    Saturday there are two parties – Kiddo’s school nondenominational Kwanzakkumas potluck in the early evening, and a house party in the later evening. There will be a hot tub at this party – but I’m not sure how hot the propane burners will be able to keep it if will be if it’s -26 out as per the forecast…Report

  5. Miss Mary says:

    We heard Surrobaby’s heartbeat for the first time today. Baby Daddy was very happy, but you can tell he’s a first time father. I think he was a little disappointed to see that the ultrasound just looked like a little blob with a blinking spot for a heartbeat. So this weekend I’ll be filling out paperwork that is due around this time in the surrogacy cycle.

    Junior has a birthday party Sunday and dance camp on Saturday. Mommy needs a nap and I kind of feel like vomiting on everyone who asks me how I’m feeling.Report

  6. Michael Cain says:

    Going through the lists and figuring out what I missed this past week, disrupted as we were by the arrival of Granddaughter #2. Granddaughter #1 (now three years, three months) marched into the hospital room later the morning after delivery, arms out, demanding “Where’s my baby?” I anticipate… interesting times to come.Report

  7. Burt Likko says:

    Busting out the tuxedo this weekend for Natasha’s work holiday party. As the company just celebrated a rather significant landmark, there is particularly good reason to celebrate. (I was out there with lots of the other families; it was F.A.C. and earlier than I like to get up on a Saturday, but a good time anyway.) If last year’s party was any indication, this year’s will be at least as good. They’ve rented the Space Shuttle hangar at Exposition Park so we’ll be partying under Endeavour. And this time we were wise, and rented ourselves a hotel room to crash in overnight.Report

  8. Maribou says:

    Angel (the most elderly remaining ex-feral cat) has to have dental surgery tomorrow. The vet picks him up around 9 and brings him back around 4.

    As such I will be spending the day distracting myself with some combination of tv, books, audiobooks/podcasts, coloring and cross-stitching.

    And the evening (one hopes) in bed with a stoned but in need of cuddling kitty.

    Sunday is errand day.Report

  9. fillyjonk says:

    Graduation is tomorrow. I’m expected to go.

    I am wondering if they will mention the student from my department who passed away over Thanksgiving. I am still kind of in shock over that and it was painful to enter grades and see his name still there…Report

  10. Saul Degraw says:

    I am in NY for a depo and had a hell day of traveling. Suppose to leave SF at 9:15. Did not take off till 12.

    I shall be avoiding SantaCon.Report

  11. El Muneco says:

    Spent four hours tonight putting together new gaming rig from parts. Seems like everything is connected, but there’s a worrying clicking sound apparently coming from one of the hard drives. Dropped the old crappy monitor that was going to be my secondary, so shopping for a new cheap one. Not ecstatic about Windows 10, but it’s not like you can avoid it on a new system anymore. Other than that, everything seems like it’s working. Probably spend all of tomorrow downloading drivers, games from Steam, and games from Blizzard.
    Also, my workplace’s benefits program health screening and fitness advisor – as well as the PT I’m seeing for my hamstring – all reminded me that while I’ve bulked up about 10 pounds over where my old optimal weight was, only five of them are muscle…Report