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  1. Avatar Morat20 says:

    Well, as I was out of pocket for a week with family, we tended towards those old-school, real world games. The kind with actual physical objects.

    Love Letter (a card game) was a surprising hit for all ages. My nephews both loved it (ages 8 and 9). I had owned the game for awhile, but hadn’t had a real chance to play it. I’d heartily recommend it as a family game for 3 or 4 players. (You can do 2 players, but we only tried 3 and 4 player).

    We also played Guillotine and Pit (the latter being a classic Milton Bradley game). Pit’s always been the “late evening, perhaps not entirely sober” game of choice for the family.

    We also tried Boss Monster, which was solid but not nearly as good as Love Letter. Boss Monster basically recreates a side-scrolling adventure, with you in the role of the Boss Monster building his dungeon for the heroes to, hopefully, die in.

    I also got to play the fun game of “Shoot my new crossbow” which also included the bonus game of “Why can’t I cock this?”. (It was a real puzzle that required looking at the manual. Turns out I was trying to cock it wrong, which was akin to trying to pull back a compound bow after removing the pulleys).

    After that it was “stick holes in target” and cackle with glee.Report