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  1. James K says:

    Saturday your time marks the start of the tenth Desert Bus for Hope, so i anticipate spending much of the next week watching the stream. After the events of this week, spending a bunch of time watching funny internet stuff is just what I need.Report

  2. Maribou says:

    We’re doing the Big Sort of all our clothing this weekend, is the really awful pun I’ve been giggling about. (No politics! :D)

    I started the weekend early skyping with a friend in NZ, joined at the end of the call by a friend who lives in Denver, in person in my living room :).

    Tomorrow I work until 10, then I will probably catch up on all the sleep I mostly haven’t been getting.

    We have gaming on Saturday. That will be good.

    Chores. Recuperating. Getting caught up on normal life things.Report

  3. Damon says:

    “But it’s nice to go to work when it’s light, and come home when it’s dark.”

    Dude, now is the time I leave and come home from work IN THE DARK. Sunrise is 6:30 plus and I’m usually at work by then.

    I’ll finally be able to take a Tier 1 class and not get hammered by blue belts in Tier 2 this saturday. I may actually survive without injury. Maybe a bit o culture with a friend and then something with the lady friend. I’m feeling the need for a nice rare steak and a few martinis.Report

  4. Autolukos says:


    Started playing last night, and so far it’s another solid isometric, party-based RPG from Obsidian. Particularly interesting is its blend of class and skill based character building: characters level up and gain incremental effectiveness based on skill ranks (think Elder Scrolls), but when they level up they get a point to invest in trees that grant new abilities or more dramatic passive boosts. NPCs each get two trees that define a fairly traditional class, but the player character gets access to a wider array of abilities, with your character creation decisions simply determining a couple of starting talents.

    Need to try to get up to wine country as well, as we are leaving for Thanksgiving next weekend and various family members have requested we bring some bottles.Report

  5. Aaron David says:

    The Wife flew back into town last night! So, spending time with her, and feeling beat down from the time change. As i get older, it kills me more and more.Report

  6. Mike Dwyer says:

    The cold that I battled all week, has now landed on the wife, just in time for the weekend. So I will be playing nurse and trying to make it a little more bearable for her. I will sneak out for UFC 205 Saturday night, which should be amazing.

    Sunday we celebrate the youngest daughter’s 18th birthday with the extended family (actual birthday is later in the week). Poor kid missed voting in this crazy election (no politics!) by 9 days. I’m having fun reminding her that I will soon no longer be legally required to feed her.Report

  7. Miss Mary says:

    I’m going to the clinic to have the surro-baby put in today. Bed rest this weekend. Doctor ordered pizza and Netflix in bed?! Hell yeah! If only there was wine and a hot guy to wait on me hand and foot. 😉

    Junior is with his father this weekend. Great timing.Report

  8. Slade the Leveller says:

    Last H.S. football game of the year for me on Saturday. Playing some Louvin Bros. in church on Sunday.

    I’m pretty tired from staying up late trying to digest what happened Tuesday, so sleep is definitely on the agenda.Report

  9. I’ll play Mastermind with my kids before bed tonight and then watch a movie with my wife – maybe the Revenant or the new Star Trek. Tomorrow my kids have piano and Japanese school in the morning. I’m training for my first marathon, so I’ll try to run ten miles in the early afternoon. Then we’re having friends over for dinner to drink beer that comes in bottles with corks and cry about the future of our country. I’m going to try to make these pineapple paprika chicken tacos that my daughter found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_bMKcFoc_k. Sunday I’m planning on getting up really early and powering my way through a bunch of research projects that have deadlines coming up and that have been on the backburner for a few months. I’m looking forward to Westworld Sunday night!Report

  10. fillyjonk says:

    Mostly Nothing is on my docket after working too many weekends of late. I do have a personal project (making a Christmas present for someone) I am working on so I hope to get that mostly finished.

    And I always feel less jet-lagged after the switch back to standard time than I do after the switch to daylight saving time. I’m sure it has to do with the hour of sleep.

    And I am loving driving to work in the light. I don’t care if it’s dark as I’m coming home – there’s just something so depressing about GOING to work before it is light out.Report

  11. Morat20 says:

    Taking my grandfather to Doctor Strange. Not his sort of movie, but the place is one of those movie tavern things. So he gets a free lunch, beer, and time out of the house.

    So far, his comments after the movies I’ve taken him to have been hilarious.Report