Washington Post: Watch Obama defend a Trump supporter’s rights at a Clinton rally


Mike Schilling

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19 Responses

  1. Avatar Will H. says:

    I like his management style.Report

    • Avatar Morat20 says:

      Trump’s been claiming Obama “screamed at” the supporter.. (He’s repeated this multiple times).

      Also, he’s been talking about how the Democrats tried to assassinate him as well. (The Trump crowd turned on a guy with a “Republicans against Trump” sign, got rather violent, and someone shouted “Gun” because security wasn’t tossing this dangerous man with the sign out fast enough.).

      *sigh*. That’s what’s going on. One of the two major Presidential candidates is a man who repeatedly lies about things we have video evidence of, and who turned violence by his own supporters against a protester into an assassination attempt against him.

      And it’s looking like at least 85% of the GOP is gonna vote for him.

      I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die of old age before I can take a Republican seriously.Report

  2. Avatar Snarky McSnarkSnark says:

    Just to follow up the story, Trump claimed at a rally later that day, that Obama

    …Today, Obama had a protester and the protester–if I have one, they immediately pick out the protester. Even though the protesters, we just found out through WikiLeaks were paid $1,500 to go into our rallies and be violent, right?

    But whenever there’s a protester, the only time the cameras move–the only time they pick out a protester, because that’s a negative thing, right? And yet Obama today spoke in front of a much smaller crowd than this, by the way, and there was a protester. And a protester that likes us. And what happened is they wouldn’t put the cameras on him. They kept the cameras on Obama. And I said that’s strange. You saw it today on television, right? He was talking to the protester, screaming at him–really screaming at him. By the way, if I spoke the way Obama spoke to that protester, they would say, “He became unhinged. He became – “. You have to go back and look and study. And see what happened. They never moved the camera. And he spent so much time screaming at this protester, and frankly it was a discrace. It was – and he shouldn’t be there, and he shouldn’t be there to begin with…


  3. Avatar InMD says:

    I will miss this aspect of Obama’s leadership style.Report

  4. Avatar greginak says:

    Even with the aspects of his polices i don’t’ like, i wish could vote for him again.Report

    • Avatar Stillwater says:

      Yuh, me too. I’m gonna miss that dude. Poised, graceful, socially and politically respectful, smart, thoughtful, wise, humorous and self-deprecating. I’d vote for him again.Report

      • Avatar Damon says:

        “Poised, graceful, socially and politically respectful, smart, thoughtful, wise, humorous and self-deprecating. ”

        Yeah, right. “respectful”, after he insulted a major portion of the electorate (and that’s just what i remember) Sure…..


        • Avatar Snarky McSnarksnark says:

          Really? He insulted them?

          Or did he merely misapprehend them? Or just say in too-public a forum what liberal partisans say to themselves all the time (in an attempt to understand why there’s a huge swath of working class voters that used to belong to the Democratic coalition, and now seem to regularly vote against their own economic self-interest by embracing republicans).

          But asserting they he “insulted” them is either capitulation to fainting couch culture, or just another form of partisan posturing.Report

          • Avatar Don Zeko says:

            I would posit that the percentage of politicians who get caught describing opposing partisans in unflattering terms plus the percentage of politicians who do that but don’t get caught equals 100%Report

          • Avatar Damon says:

            Actually both.

            I’m part of one of the groups he was talking about and I was insulted by his comments. And I’m sure he talked likes that, or worse, behind closed doors. Most people do.Report

        • Avatar Stillwater says:

          He was more socially and politically respectful in that incident than you’re being Damon, that’s for sure.Report

          • Avatar Damon says:

            Opinions vary Still. Frankly, it came off as totally insulting. I’m can be an ass, and oftentimes I am intentionally, but I’m not a politician sucking up for votes either. I get to be me. I’m just part of that great rainbow of diversity 🙂Report

  5. Avatar Damon says:

    ““First of all, we live in a country that respects free speech,” Obama said”

    Much anecdotal evidence suggests other wise, sadly.Report

  6. Avatar Kolohe says:

    “We just get stirred up for all kinds of reasons that are unnecessary. Just relax,” Obama said.