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LG&M: On the Extremely Limited Value of Campaign Tactics Tautologies

After every remotely close election campaign, there are almost as many just-so stories about how there was one perfect campaign tactic that could have changed the outcome as there are pundits. And the problem is that the vast majority are just unfalsifiable tautologies with no retrospective or prospective value:


Non-spoiler review for Arrival: See it.
Review with some mild spoilers within. (Also a discussion of various sci-fi tropes that, if I named them here, would constitute mild spoilers.)


It had to happen eventually.

The Left and Blue Collar Voters

What are liberals doing wrong with blue collar voters and a possible strategy for moving forward.


The Last Guardian is finally coming out.

The Atlantic: Democrats’ Answer for the Rust Belt

If they want to win future elections, Democrats are going to have to find something better to say in the Rust Belt. Their current message is not resonating with residents who have seen manufacturing jobs disappear and who want to return their towns and states to how things used to be. Democrats “remain obsessed with cultural issues,” University of California-Hastings professor Joan C. Williams wrote, in a Harvard Business Review essay shortly after the election. “I fully understand why transgender bathrooms are important, but I also understand why progressives’ obsession with prioritizing cultural issues infuriates many Americans whose chief concerns are economic.”

But the question is what Democrats should say. The biggest problem Democrats face now, and will face in the future, is that there are no simple solutions to the economic crisis in the Rust Belt. Democrats have tried, with proposals like infrastructure projects, science and technology education, and tax credits for companies that offer apprenticeships, but few of the policy prescriptions that could begin the process of getting millions of white, working-class men back to work are very sexy. “There’s no silver bullet,” Ned Hill, a professor at Ohio State University and the faculty affiliate for the Ohio Manufacturing Institute, told me. “This is an adult conversation so easy answers aren’t there.”

From: Democrats’ Answer for the Rust Belt – The Atlantic

Morning Ed: Food {2016.11.24.TGD}

Some food links for your Thanksgiving Day. (Let’s let politics – or at least Trump – go today, please.)


A day early, but we’ve got quite a bit ahead of us, don’t we? I mean, if you’re in one of the parts of the world where Thanksgiving is celebrated tomorrow.