Monthly Archive: October 2016

Morning Ed: Society {2016.10.25.T}

Beware the black-eyed. And robots, definitely the robots. And the stalkerish UConn Huskies. But not Winnie the Poo.


Sick picks.


How in the heck do you do a sequel to Fight Club?


On the game that Maribou renamed “Please don’t play this or I will lose my saved game!” only without spaces or punctuation.


Handel with care.


Holy cow. Is it time to switch out the summer and winter clothing already?

Indeed it is.

The MMA of Electoral Fraud

An intellectual experiment. Let’s play the role of electoral fraudster. Come, and conspire for a moment, and let us see whether we might realize benefit from subverting the integrity of American democracy.

…And whether we’ve now been presented with evidence that this is actually happening.

Empiricism v. Principle

Smaller government can’t be the sine qua non of the politics of freedom in a Wagner’s Law world.