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  1. Also before baseball teams figured out that having home games on TV is good marketing for the team. Around here, every away Giants-Dodgers game was televised, but no home games, presumably because people might watch the game at home and then bathe in ice water as a cheaper substitute for the full Candlestick experience.

    The NFL blackout policy makes it clear that they’re still clueless on the subject. How do you build a fanbase for a struggling team? Don’t let people anywhere near them!Report

    • Kolohe in reply to Mike Schilling says:

      The NFL has shelved their blackout policy for the last couple of years, and was deliberately lax about it for almost a decade before that.

      The biggest change in baseball is that in most markets, you can watch just about every game, but you need a cable or satellite service. OTA (and usually UHF) broadcasts are a fraction of what they used to be in frequency, it seems to me.Report

  2. Cubs fan in Central America? Hard to Belize.Report

  3. Michael Cain says:

    Cubs fans are a tough crowd. Years back I went to a AAA game in Denver when the Cubs affiliate was playing. After one of the Cubs’ players made a dumb base-running mistake and got caught in a run-down between second and third, a guy in a Cubs t-shirt sitting a couple of rows in front of us jumped up on his seat and screamed, “And that’s why you’re still in triple-A!!”Report

  4. Mike Dwyer says:

    Growing up in Louisville you got to pick whatever team you wanted, though we’re certainly tilted towards the Reds, having been longtime AAA affiliates. I chose the Cubs and it’s been a lesson in loyalty.

    Tonight might be a bitter pill to swallow, but I will say that it’s hard to imagine another following that has such bad luck and still fills seats. I suppose Notre Dame fans count, of which I also belong. I’ll still take it.Report

    • Mike Dwyer in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      So the Cubs won at Wrigley last night…which was tear-jerking and goosebump-inducing and pretty much amazing. Winning the series is a tough task (2 in-a-row at Cleveland) but if we don’t do it this year, I can say that I will remember singing ‘Go Cubs Go’ after the game for the rest of my life.Report