I may have mentioned a few years ago that it was my anniversary and, this week, I realized that “HOLY COW IT IS MY 18th ANNIVERSARY!”

18 years. Holy cow. The marriage is old enough to vote. (No politics.)

When I woke up, she woke up, and I told her “holy cow… it feels like we’ve only been married 3 or 4 years” and she told me “that’s because you only remember the good parts”. [Ed. note: I was teasing! Mostly!]

As someone who only remembers the good parts, let me tell you:
I am the luckiest man alive.

(Insert meandering essay about how I can’t believe that it’s not the 90’s here.)

It’s good to have someone who remembers when you were in your 20’s. But is willing to overlook what you were like in your 20’s.

Anyway, I asked her “what do you want me to make you for dinner? I’ll make anything. Well, except for a slow cooker meal. That will take hours and hours, and I only have hours. Do you want me to buy you a ribeye and slice it thin and make steak nachos?” and she said “Nah. I had your habanero pineapple chicken nachos last night. You know what? I haven’t had your cheeseburgers in a long time. Could you make me those?” and I said “Absolutely.”

So I bought (or knew that I already had on hand):

Ground Bison
Shredded cheese
Sharp Cheddar slices
Brown Mustard (the thick kind with the really big mustard seeds)
Roma tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Potato bread hamburger buns
Crinkle fries

I mixed the bison, shredded cheese, and a couple of strong squirts of mustard together and mixed them up and made some patties.
I ripped the romaine into bun-sized pieces and cut the roma tomato into slices thick enough to hold flavor but still thin enough to include on a burger + bun and then prepped the oven for crinkle fries. After picking her up from work and bringing her home, I got to cookin’.

Put some butter in the frying pan. Put the fries in the oven. Put the patties in the melted butter. Flip the patties. Wait a bit. Flip the patties. Wait a bit. Flip the Patties. Wait a bit. Flip the Patties. Wait a bit. Flip the Patties. Wait a bit. Flip the Patties. Put butter on the buns. Put the buns in the oven. Put the cheddar slices on the burgers. Put the bacon on the buns in the oven. Wait a bit. Put the buns on a plate. Put the patties on the burger buns. Put the condiments on the burger. Put the bun tops on the burgers. Get the fries out of the oven. Places the fries near the burgers.


Look forward to next year and then start hoping, in earnest, for (at least!) another 18 years.

So… What’s on your docket?
(Image is “Dennison’s Bogie Book for Halloween (1920)” by Dennison manufacturing co.)

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30 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Congrats. My marriage lasted about that long, and my 20s were with the future “Tech Girl”, so…might want to not get complacent :)))

    I have to go to some Halloween Gala this Sat. (The things you do for women folk). This causes me to have to wear 1) a coat and 2) a tie. So I’ll be too warm to really enjoy it. Also, I except to be waylaid into dancing. Ugh.

    On the positive side, Skyrim Enhanced edition is out (and free) so I’ll be playing that, and there is jujitsu. All in all not a bad weekend.


  2. 18 years…mazel tov! My wife and I celebrate 12 years on Sunday. She asked me the other day if I would purchase a $20 ceramic Christmas statue for the front porch. Done. I asked her for 2 packs of Field Notes. Done. The simple fact that we’re good with that makes me incredibly happy. Now I just need to make her something equally as delicious-sounding as the above meal and remind her that she made my life about 100 times better when she said ‘I do’.

    Congrats again to Jaybird and Maribou. Wishing you many more.

    P.S. I’m confused about putting bacon on the buns…That doesn’t turn into a greasy mess…?


  3. Happy anniversary!!! How wonderful you two are for each other and for the world to see. :)

    Junior is spending a special weekend with his granny. I am determined to have more social time with my adults only weekend. Last weekend was a little too quiet with all of that alone time. Relaxing, but quiet. I should probably get TV or a radio or something. I’m thinking I’ll skip working Job #2 this weekend. Maybe run off to the beach with a friend or something.

    Two weeks until I’m pregnant. The countdown continues!


  4. Congrats to you & Maribou!

    As for the weekend, Halloween party for the kids tomorrow. Trick or Treating isn’t until Monday, but the kids can still get dressed up & play in their costumes while us adults interact with other adults.


  5. Best wishes to Jaybird and Maribou!


    H.S. football playoffs begin tomorrow for me.

    Watching the World Series. I remarked to a friend the other day how both of my kids have now seen both Chicagos in the Series, something I had to wait 53 years for. Now all I have to do is avoid Cub fans for a few more days and life can return to normal.


  6. Congratulations and !!!

    Have the Halloween Train tomorrow regretting my choice of costume as it will be 86 degrees tomorrow. A party tomorrow night. Having an outlet fixed Sunday that is getting alarmingly hot (breaker is off) and then my BIL&SIL Harry Potter themed anniversary party Sunday night.


    • Thank you.

      And you have my sympathies; it’s hard figuring out costumes when it’s hot. After 19 Hallowe’ens in Colorado, I’m still not used to trying to find the sweet spot between “cozy” and “summery”. In eastern Canada, it was “cozy, put on winter jackets underneath if it becomes TOO frickin’ cold and/or starts to snow.”


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