A week of “back to normal”, now that both of us are back from Canada.

Which is good, because, by some measures, The Holidays are right around the corner and “back to normal” will be something that we won’t be until January. The *MIDDLE* of January.

Which means that we have to pack as much normal as we can into these coming weekends but not with so much intensity that we force “normal” to be “abnormal”.

It’s a tightrope.

So the plan for this weekend includes little things like PetSmart and Costco and Whole Foods and the usual suspects but, and this is the part that excites me the most, we’re going to start swapping out the summer clothing for the winter clothing. Open up the storage bags and dump out all of the fuzzies onto the bed and wash them and then, once the laundry is done, pour the flimsy stuff into these same bags, vacuum them down a bit, then dump the bags into the back of the closet for 5-6 months or so where we can play this game again.

Man, the best part of the year is the cold part. For one thing, the cats are nicer to each other and it’s always nice to have a kitty or two lying down on your blanket as you sit and idly watch a movie or play a game or read a book or sip some tea or just luxuriate in general in your fuzzies and your slippers.

And, as a matter of fact, we’ve even got a date scheduled on Friday night where we just sit on the couch doing just that. Man, I can’t wait.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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12 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. This time for real (hopefully, assuming the weather collaborates), we’re heading to Saskatoon for my dad’s now belated birthday dinner.

    I’m trying to get into the “Winter is the best time” thing, but having a bit of a hard time of it. Lots of positive sides for sure – you can bake stuff and everyone enjoys the heat in the kitchen when we sit down to eat. Fruitcake. Slippers and tea and such. There’s a community skating rink so close to our new place I could just about land a paper airplane on the ice from our back step – somehow going skating always seemed like enough of an endeavour that we seldom got out to do it; but with it so close, we could skate around for just 10 minutes and it wouldn’t be a wasted outing.

    And yet. I have a hard time really looking forward to Winter. Partly perhaps because Winter has February in it, and I’ve often had a hard time of Februaries.


  2. Taking delivery of a new dishwasher, as our very old one has decided that while it will move water around, it clearly has no need to actually wash dishes with it. :)


    • Which is now currently cleaning itself before I can use it, with only one bout of panicked “Oh god, oh god, something broke!”

      (Lost power to a whole kitchen wall. Breaker box was fine. Installers made idiot claims about how it was wired in. Finally checked the GFCI above the dishwasher. It had been tripped. Press button, problem gone away).


  3. I am very tired.

    For me Fall and Spring are the best times, but here, Winter is more like a wacky mixup of fall and spring in the Northeast, with the odd snowstorm thrown in for flavoring, so I can get into it.

    February is Definitely Not the best time but it’s far off for now.

    I’m really looking forward to sleeping more than anything. After the up, comes the down.


  4. Junior is with his father this weekend. I will be enjoying soooo much grown up time I can’t wait. I work at Job #2 on Sunday, but no other plans. I’m thinking pedicure, cleaning house, baking, and a long warm bath after the gym. Ahhhh. It’s like a vacation but I don’t have to leave home.

    Also, the IVF meds involve lots of pills, little needles, and big needles. Tonight, big needle! I can’t wait. That one always makes me feel better. I did not like the idea at first, but once I knew it made me feel better, I couldn’t wait to stab myself with a giant needle.


  5. The theme for this weekend is football. We have a high school game tonight between my wife’s alma mater and mine. Sister and her kids will also attend since both of the nephews are now also at my alma mater.

    University of Louisville football tomorrow. Temps are supposed to be around 55 at kickoff so I get to finally wear the hoodie I bought two years ago.


  6. The last two weeks have been pretty brutal for me at work, but fortunately I have the next week off, so I’ll have a chance to recover. My weekend plans are playing Civilisation 6 on Saturday, and playing board games with friends on Sunday.


  7. We finally got our D&D group together for a session on Sunday, which would be great news if Civ VI wasn’t waiting on the hard drive at home. I will have to see how little sleep I can function on to make up for Civ time lost to more social gaming.


  8. Wife: to be taken out on date on Friday.

    High school mock trial team: to be coached and fed pizza Saturday afternoon.

    Pumpkins: to be carved.

    Pumpkin seeds: to be roasted with honey and cayenne pepper.

    Tri-tip: to be prepared sous vide, grilled and served with red beans and potatoes.

    Homebrew: to be racked into secondary, re-primed, and dry-hopped.

    Museum: to be patronized.

    Tapas and white Spanish wine: to be consumed with friends after museum.


    • Weekend: busy but fun.

      That sounds like a lot of yummy food related activities. Don’t give yourself a tummy ache, says the woman who made herself sick on M&Ms for lunch today. LOL


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