Louis Theroux’s Scientology Movie


James A. Chisem

James A. Chisem is an contributor at British Online Archives. He has previously written for the BBC, The Times, and Reuters. He has also appeared on the Sunday Politics, Sky Sports, and BBC Radio 5 Live.

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3 Responses

  1. I don’t have a specific comment to make, other than this piece is really well-done. I haven’t seen the movie (and probably won’t), but I’m glad you were here to give it a review.

    Thanks for writing it.Report

  2. Avatar DensityDuck says:

    “Laymen are likely to leave the cinema with a sense of how Scientologists interact with the outside world, but there’s not enough nuts and bolts information to tell them what Scientologists believe about the world itself.”

    That’s probably because, to the sort of people who watch this sort of film, what religious people of any stripe believe about the world is meaningless, mere superstitious garbage.Report