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5 Responses

  1. Avatar James K says:

    Tyranny certainly looks interesting. I don’t really like the pauesable real-time thing, but I’ll give it a look after it comes out.

    In any case, I wouldn’t be able to play it right away anyway because in 6 days Civ VI comes out and I’ll be spending much of the next few months playing that.Report

  2. Avatar El Muneco says:

    Stardock had a similar idea with Sorceror King – kind of like XCOM2, you basically start as a guy who lost a 4x strategy game and have to try to defeat the guy who won.

    But for now it’s more WoW Legion, and buying pieces of a new computer to play the new Shadow Warrior, which according to RPS is all that and a bag of chips.Report

  3. Avatar Fish says:

    Definitely looks interesting. I’ll have a look when it comes out. Right now I’m learning what a massive cheat save scumming in XCOM2 was and I’m trying to beat XCOM2 on Veteran in Ironman. Turns out that when you play the game the way the devs intended, it’s a lot damn harder. 🙂Report

  4. Avatar Alan Scott says:

    At a gaming con this weekend. Just played Blades in the Dark for the first time.

    It’s an RPG set in a dark fantasy city where you play a gang of scoundrels pulling jobs and angling for more territory and power. It’s fun and flavorful and does a lot to keep the game moving instead of getting bogged down in planning and caution-play. Does a great job of presenting the setting quickly, and looks to be very hackable.Report