Monthly Archive: September 2016


On those famous Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.


Preparations For The Coming Vacation

Trumping it Up

Trump and the Future of American politics.

The Debatekeepers

Debate thresholds and why we should change ’em.


One of the things that having only three chords makes possible is the perfect mashup.

Gin & Tacos: Undisciplined Retreat

I realize how closely earning power is connected to masculinity in the United States. It must be very difficult to face life when not only can you not earn enough to get above the poverty line, but you’re incapable of earning anything at all. The mental retreat into this violent fantasy world in which white males with guns are the sole remaining virtuous members of humanity does not follow quite so easily. On his own it’s unlikely this man would have chosen that particular mental escape route. But he doesn’t live in a vacuum. He lives in a world in which tens of thousands of other angry, minimally educated and economically marginalized white men have already created a support structure (of sorts) into which he can be welcomed.


Alt-Right Memes Go Mainstream

The Alt-Right has capably pushed its memes into the mainstream. Can it succeed when limited to its own platforms?