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  1. Jon Rowe says:

    I’m enjoying the new Dark Knight master race. Miller is like George Lucas. He needs help and input from others to produce good work.Report

  2. Kolohe says:

    I didn’t like Designated Survivor as much as the rest of the internet did. To me, it took the worst parts of the West Wing and Battlestar Gallatica and combined them. Then added plot holes that are impossible to fill.

    There’s plenty to nitpick too, and I wouldn’t have problem if it were only Kessel run parsecs nitpicking. The problem is something like this:

    The chess team is going into a big match, but the captain and everyone else gets sick from food poisoning and can’t play – save one guy that wasn’t at the banquet because he was about to get kicked off the team. Plus, because he’s more of a jock than a nerd to begin with, no one thinks much of his ability at the chess board anyway.

    Ok, so far so good. The guy goes into a game with everyone thus doubting him, and then, in an amazing show of skill – moves his rook diagonally. And *everyone*, friend and foe alike, are impressed with this and start to think ‘wow, maybe this guy can play’

    MeanwhIle *I’m* almost shouting at my TV “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!”Report

  3. Jon Rowe says:

    BTW, what is it with some of these comic book artists? They aren’t like athletes where they lose their physical skill with age. And they aren’t like writers who can run out of good tunes or stories.

    But I think it’s because they get paid by the page, a few notables, including and especially Frank Miller adopt shorthand styles where they phone their work in. John Byrne too. But not George Perez, one of my favorites.

    They all looked better when they tried to accomplish what Neal Adams did in his prime. And of late, Adams has joined them in phoning his work in too.Report

    • Alan Scott in reply to Jon Rowe says:

      The secret is: Miller was never good, at least not at the writing part. DKR has terrible plot and terrible characters, and thrives on the art and composition. Closest thing he did to a good batman book was Year One, and that only worked because Batman was a background character in a detective noir story.Report

  4. Guy says:

    What about Batman ’66? Isn’t that one literally an update of the 60s show?Report

    • DensityDuck in reply to Guy says:

      There’s actually been something of a renaissance in “Sixties Batman” lately, people realizing that there was something going on there beyond BAM POW title cards and Cesar Romero mugging.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Guy says:

      I haven’t dipped my toes in that yet.

      I think that a modern and updated Batman Show that attempted what Batman ’66 did using a ’66 version of modern tropes?

      That would either be ahead of its time and be a huge hit, or so much ahead of its time that people wouldn’t realize that it should have been a huge hit for years.Report

  5. Frank Miller said “there are 50 different ways to do Batman and they all work”

    There are nine and sixty hooks
    For a Batman comic book
    And every single one of them is right