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  1. Brandon Berg says:

    Trade paperbooks selling used for more than a penny on Amazon? They must have been good!Report

  2. Doctor Jay says:

    Just got into a cooperative card game called Sentinels of the Multiverse. We are having a blast playing it. It seems to be very good at creating the sort of surprises and tension that an RPG would, but without a GM. It’s no good solo, though.Report

  3. James K says:

    I’ve played the first two of those Sorcery games, but hadn’t gotten around to playing the third yet. Now the fourth one is out, I’ll have to make some time to play them between finishing my run of Dragon Age Inquition and Civ 6 coming out.Report

  4. nevermoor says:

    Last weekend a strong group of players (and me!) unboxed Pandemic Legacy.

    Holy crap was it awesome! We ended up playing five straight games, completely ignoring all other available games, and stopping only when one of us was threatened with divorce if he didn’t come home.

    MILES AND MILES better than Risk Legacy.Report

  5. Hoosegow Flask says:

    Too bad I didn’t know about those books as a kid. I loved Choose Your Own Adventure and Time Machine books as a kid. I preferred the ones with RPG elements, like the Dungeon and Dragons branded ones, but they seemed few and far between.

    I bought Arkham Knight on sale a couple weekends ago. Every Arkham game I’ve started thinking I’m going to get 100% completion. Then, after trying several challenges, I think “oh yeah, this is why I never get 100% on Arkham games”. The story’s entertaining, though. It runs well for me, even on max settings, and I’ve had few issues.Report

    • DavidTC in reply to Hoosegow Flask says:

      Strangely, the Arkham series relationship to 100% competition is weird.

      Arkham City had a lot of really hard and annoying challenges to get 100%. But I did it, and I’m hardly an action guy.

      Arkham Origins had the stupid situation that there were certain challenges you could only do *at certain points in the game*. Areas would get closed off and you couldn’t go back. So if you missed them without knowing it, the only solution was to *play the entire game again*.

      It additionally had challenges based on fight situations that you could not find in free play after the game…aka, you had to play the game over again to get those, but what was even worse there that was literally a finite (but unknown) number of chances to do those things in those situations. At least with the ‘collect a thing before leaving the area’, you could use a guide to know do that….no one ever made a guide that said ‘Oh, here is one of the six places in entire game where you can do this combo move and complete this challenge’…and if you screw that up, you better hope the game didn’t autosave before you reloaded a previous save to try again.

      Arkham Origins 100% was…incredibly stupidly designed. When I figured out what was going on, I didn’t even try. I’ll *go back* to get 100%, but I refuse to do it their way.

      Also, hilariously, they bugged one of their puzzles, and it was possible to get trapped in a room *forever*. (Single-slot autosave…the thing that makes me want to track down console players and slap them around for being okay with that, and then it *infecting* PC games.)

      Arkham Knight was back to a sane approach, and for some reason they toned down a lot of the challenges. A lot of the timing elements were gone, the crazy ‘throw six batrangs at six different things in 4 seconds’ nonsense.

      The hardest ones left were the batmobile ones, but the batmobile, outside of combat, is one of those things that it’s very easy to play entirely wrong and make things much harder for yourself. I.e., race in *first person*, and suddenly driving up walls and whatnot is much easier to understand. (The batmobile *in* of combat is just one of those things you have to keep playing until you get good at it. The only hint I have is don’t think of it like combat, think of it like dodgeball. Your job is to constantly not get shot…shooting them is what you do in between not getting shot.)

      I eventually got 100% in that, also.

      EDIT: And I left Asylum off for some reason, probably because I barely remember it. It was basically Arkham City, but way, way toned down…I seem to remember that with most of the Riddler’s clues, the only ‘puzzle’ was finding them.Report

      • Hoosegow Flask in reply to DavidTC says:

        DavidTC: race in *first person*, and suddenly driving up walls and whatnot is much easier to understand

        Huh, that never occurred to me. Thanks! Trying to dodge obstacles while driving on the wall has been one of the points of frustration for me.

        I seem to have the most trouble with the hand-to-hand challenges where you have to rack up enough points in a limited number of rounds. I know you have to use as many different moves and gadgets as possible, I just have difficulty working them in during combat.Report

        • DavidTC in reply to Hoosegow Flask says:

          Huh, that never occurred to me. Thanks! Trying to dodge obstacles while driving on the wall has been one of the points of frustration for me.

          I’m one of those players that, when I get frustrated with something, I tend to assume I’m being dumb, and playing it wrong, and I just randomly change what I’m doing.

          This usually accomplishes nothing, except causing me to understand things better, so that when I go back to trying to solve it the correct way, it’s magically become easier.

          But sometimes I actually *am* playing it wrong.

          Switching into first person that was…holy crap. I no longer have to try to figure out the directional controls for a car that’s almost upside down…or even entirely upside down! The very first time i switched, I had died like 20 times on a Riddle challenge and 90% of the time dying at a certain point, and the rest of the time dying after…and I switched POVs and just drove right through that point and the second point, and finished it entirely like three time later.

          I seem to have the most trouble with the hand-to-hand challenges where you have to rack up enough points in a limited number of rounds.

          Are you talking about Arkham City? The Riddle Challenge thing? Yeah, I’m no good at those either. (At least, not earning enough *points* in them.) But the good news is, those do *not* count towards 100%.

          OTOH, there a few of those in Arkham Orgins, and, as I said, not only are those towards 100% completion, but are annoying *as hell*, because a few of the situations you literally cannot *find* in free play, or in any of the (very lackluster) ‘challenges’ to actually do. I seem to recall something like ‘grab two people over a railing’ and stuff like that.

          Of course, now that we’re talking about it, I start to get back pissed off about their incredibly obvious oversight of ‘Hey, how about letting me play the boss battles again? Let me select what tools I’ve upgraded to, throw me into the starting cutscreen, let me play, throw up the ending cutscreen, and then end.’

          With their lack of support of doing that, *combined* with the total lack of support of multiple-saves, means that is literally impossible. Hell, they even *inexplicable* encrypt the saves so I can’t download ‘Saved game right before boss battle’ and plop it in.(1)(2) So even if I wanted to swap around saved games files, I’d have to carefully keep track of *my* saved game files and save backups while playing.

          What. The. Hell. I’ve beaten the game, *let me do whatever I want*, you assholes. If I want to beat Clayface 10 times in a row, *let me beat Clayface 10 times in a row*. What’s it to you?

          I honestly cannot understand the game’s total lack of replayablity, and how later games actually got *worse* at it. At least Arkham City had the challenges you could keep changing and doing.

          All the other games seem to be assuming you will literally keep starting the game over and over and play the entire thing, which has, as a very dubious premise, that you find *all* parts of the game equally enjoyable.

          1) I discovered this by accident, when installing on a new computer, I restored all my documents, including a 100% completed Arkham City games, and then one day installed that and fired it up, expecting to have free play…nope, they didn’t like those saves, apparently I didn’t get the Games for Windows or Xbox Live or whatever the hell they call it decryption key, Windows made me a new one when installing. I could probably find my old key in the backups, but that would mean anything I did in any *other* game that used that framework (Like the other Arkham games) then wouldn’t decrypt!

          2) Can I just point out that, as a single player game, it’s not actually any of their *business* if I cheat or not? If I legitimately couldn’t get past something, they don’t really get any say if I download a save past that point, and in fact it’s being a bit of an asshole demanding that someone who can’t do something *never ever ever* gets to see any of the game (that they *paid* for) past that point.

          Multiplayer is something else entirely, I get that, but encrypting the saves of a single-player game is nonsense.Report