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  1. dragonfrog says:

    We finally got the subfloors level and Mr. T started putting in some hardwood yesterday – so hopefully we can make a big push and get a lot of progress on that this weekend.

    Kiddo has a birthday party this evening. Fledermaus is working through the weekend. Tomorrow night there’s a psytrance thingummy at an afterhours club. I’m ambivalent on that – on the one hand, since the bar that used to have psytrance nights closed, I’m feeling a bit deprived viz dancing to my favourite music in community; on the other hand, afterhours hours are not kind to me.Report

  2. Miss Mary says:

    I’m happy to report I’m back to the same-old same-old this weekend; clean the house from top to bottom, work the 2nd job, clean the turtle tank, work out at the gym, donate platelets, and girls night out. Ahh, sometimes it feels good to stand still for a week or two.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    THE LIVING ROOM TABLE IS CLEARED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for the first time in nearly a year). And the kitties have been vaccinated, weighed, checked up on, and in the old man’s case, newly prescribed arthritis meds.

    I’ve been doing the cleaning up chores (and making Jay work on them) in descending order of awfulness. Next up is toilets I think. Or maybe swapping out litterboxes.

    I also have to work tomorrow and we’re attending a gradumacation on Sunday. Also the Deck Project continues on apace.Report

  4. Burt Likko says:

    Bit of a hint for y’all in today’s sidebar musical selection.

    The wife and I are about to head down to San Diego for a craft beer tour. I’m very much in need of some blowing-off-of-steam.Report

    • I was down there in June for my son’s graduation from UCSD. It was beautiful, of course, but the best part was a beach in La Jolla, part of which had been taken over by a colony of seals. They were mostly sleeping, but the young ones were running around, bumping heads and play-fighting, and getting slapped down by the ones who were trying to sleep, dammit, and a few couples were, well, coupling. It was so much fun, we must have watched for a good half-hour.Report

  5. Joe Sal says:

    Well, in a bid to practice what I preach, the 3D printer was ordered wednesday and arrived today. Which is good, but I was expecting it next week, so it’ll be a task of clearing enough surface on a tiny workbench to setup. It is pretty easy to damage a CNC type machine so the first few runs will be slow and double checked at each step in the process.

    I model in AutoCAD which is great, because it should export to a printable STL file.

    Wife wants some printed shoes soon. That will have to come after a couple of pourable moulds I have in mind. October is going to be a busy month.Report

  6. Aaron David says:

    Well, packing starts in earnest now. Wife has accepted a job in a foreign state so we are getting out of Cali, Cali, Cali (Oh I know so…) Off, to the land of Tod.Report