Morning Ed: Amazing {2016.09.07.W}


Will Truman

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  1. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    Superhero: Depends on your politics I guess.

    Super villain: At least he infected himself rather than innocent children first. That would be the true super villain origin story.

    Body transplant: The Atlantic had a very long article about this recently. Many scientists are deeply skeptical about this and aren’t that sure of the ethics either. The entire thing seems really freaky but also something that scientists were going to try eventually whether lay people liked it or not.

    Super Soaker: Interesting story.Report

    • Avatar Kimmi says:

      Superhero: Yes, person was brainwashed as a child, and lacks the ability or motivation to acknowledge the fact. (Note: I’m not saying she needs to disagree. Just recognize the psych tactics).Report

      • Avatar Kimmi says:

        [Comment redacted. — BL.]Report

        • Avatar pillsy says:

          A) Sobibor sounds way scarier to my ears than Auschwitz.

          B) What the ever-loving fuck?Report

        • Yeah, Dachau sounds like a ride at Disneyland.Report

        • Avatar Trumwill says:

          Kimmi, you seriously need to tone it down right. Not just this (but definitely this), but over the last few weeks you’ve been losing your bearings.

          Take some time off if you need to.Report

        • Avatar Burt Likko says:

          I’ve redacted this and two other similar comments. Maybe the comments were intended in jest, if so, my caution is “Too soon.” Of course, it’s pretty much always going to be “too soon” for jokes on that particular subject. Sorry to seem humorless on that subject if that was the intent, but comments of that nature will be too easily read in ways other than such an intent.

          I strongly suggest that those wishing to comment or write about the subject of the Holocaust give very careful consideration to the magnitude of the human tragedy which is the subject of that discussion, and treat the subject with gravity proportional thereto. People yet living, people who frequent this forum, have lost family members to those horrific events. Please respect that.Report

          • Avatar Kimmi says:

            Apparently discussing anything remotely related to public relations and the Holocaust is verboten, including linguistics.

            If I have personally offended anyone, I apologize. If referencing the idea that a comedian might make jokes about the holocaust is unpalatable, I humbly apologize.

            I would like to strongly urge anyone who is strongly triggered by any reference to the Holocaust — or Jewish persecution in general — to avoid watching Archer, Bojack Horseman, and Parks and Recreation. There may be more shows, but these are the ones that I have flagged for “actually went there”. Viewer amusement is personal.Report

            • Avatar Kimmi says:

              And if one insists that the Holocaust must only be treated with gravity, Please, Please, Please do not watch The Matchmaker.
              (This is not in particular because it’s a bad movie — it’s really quite good. But, it has an actual portrayal of an Israel and people in Israel smarting from the Holocaust — as well as the responses of the people who weren’t there. And at least a few of those responses are… graphic).Report

      • Avatar LeeEsq says:

        Have you ever considered that Zionists have looked at the facts of Jewish, Middle Eastern, and World history and came to a different conclusion than you did?Report

        • Avatar Kimmi says:

          Yes. I’m not even going to say “they’re stupid and wrong!” (Threatening to assassinate peaceful protestors and naming non-citizens as traitors are both wrong — from a purely Public Relations standpoint — if you don’t find the Israeli government doing these things as stupid and dunderheaded, heaven help you.)

          Those questions occupy an entirely different timezone than “you do realize you’ve been brainwashed?” (Please note: people can do brainwashing for entirely decent reasons. I think I could make a decent argument for the moral good of Japanese Pacifism — and there’s not an instant of Japanese life that wasn’t suffused with brainwashing on that particular concept).Report

    • Avatar Tod Kelly says:

      Super villain: At least he infected himself rather than innocent children first. That would be the true super villain origin story.

      Proof that you and your brother really never did go through a comic book phase. The classic super villain origin story is a scientist working on a breakthrough that will Do Good, but it goes horribly wring and they’re driven mad. (The Lex Luthors tend not to really need origin stories.)Report

  2. Avatar Kimmi says:

    BDS isn’t about saying that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist.
    It’s about saying that Palestinians are not Israeli Citizens, and thus are not traitors for supporting a peaceful boycott (So sayeth the Israeli Supreme Court Justice… so there’s actual well-positioned judges on record supporting the opposite.)

    And also that Israel should stop threatening to assassinate the leaders of a peaceful boycott. That’s just bad PR, dude.Report

  3. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    Love the Super Soaker story!Report