Having had a two week period where I put in about 76 hours by the end of the day on Thursday, I talked to my boss about whether she’d mind if I just took the other half of the day off tomorrow and she said to go for it.

So I am lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend yawn before me.

I hope to waste it entirely.

I imagine that the topic of whether we want to go to the State Fair might come up? I might want to visit, and walk around the pavilions, and get some of that lemonade, and complain about how the “modern art” this year isn’t as good as the “modern art” in the mid-oughts (and, lemme tell ya, the stuff in the mid-oughts paled in comparison to what they had in the 90’s).

But I might be told “Eh. We’ll go next year. Get some of the Newman’s Own Lemonade and put some maraschino cherries in it and pretend you paid 5 bucks for a big glass of that instead.”

We’ll see.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is Tristan and Isolde Drinking the Love Potion by Gautier Map from the Messire Lancelot du Lac. He did most of his stuff in the 12th and 13th century so I figure it’s in the public domain.)

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13 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. More furniture moving. And celebrating a relative’s birthday. And hopefully, maybe, some actual PS4 time for the first time in months. (Mankind Divided or Fallout 4. Can’t decide).


  2. Driving the boy (really a young man at this point) back to school. Perhaps visiting the in-laws and my daughter. Hopefully, some golf. Really a whole bunch of nothing.

    Your state fair reference made me think of when I would bring the kids up to the MN state fair. They have a milk pavilion there, at which you can get all you can drink for $1. One of the years Brad Penny, then a pitcher for the Dodgers, bet one of the Marlins’ batboys he couldn’t drink a gallon of milk, and keep it down, in under an hour. The batboy did not succeed in finishing the gallon. I made it to half a gallon of the most delicious chocolate milk I’ve ever had (Sweet Jesus, it was good!), and had to give up. Probably for the best, given the number of rides I got on following that escapade. This happened over 15 years ago, and I still think about that milk.


  3. The mother in law’s house has been gutted, washed down, and sprayed with clorox. We have to wait to get the moisture in the wood down to a certain level so fema can come check everything before we start putting everything back together. The ac is running and we have two dehumidifiers running so it ought to be good to go in about two weeks. Yeah.
    I still can’t get the @#@$%%$%^^&@@##$ lawn mower working so I am going to spend two more hours on it and then curse the rain gods and go and rent a mower on Monday. The ground is still too mushy to run a mower over now but it hasn’t rained much for two days so it is starting to dry and, hopefully, by Monday it should be okay. Yeah.
    Tomorrow, FOOTBALL. RAH, RAH, RAH!!!!! Hopefully the Tigers will run over some Badgers. If you like smash mouth football, you really need to see Leonard Fournette run.


    • That’s major progress, – have been thinking of you and the fam regularly. Glad you have some football planned for the weekend and not just more and more work. GO TIGERS! (My workplace’s team is the Tigers, as well – though we don’t have football – so I’ll happily accept your team instead :D.)


  4. , Thanks a lot. We are really much luckier than a lot of people. My wife’s family is super tight and has an amazing work ethic. I still can’t get the lawnmower working, but all in all, things are okay. And thanks again.
    One of the things that cracked me up about “The Walking Dead’ is that after three or four years, the lawns aren’t tall. We haven’t mowed in two weeks and the grass is over a foot in some places.


    • Arts/Crafts kind of art in the one building (quilts, cross-stitch, needlepoint) and “Modern” art in another. The good stuff is the stuff that’s welded, the bad stuff is the thick and viscous paints poured over a grill and the drips left to dry and then the grill is hung up on the wall.


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