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Stars, Stripes, & Selfies: The Women Who Love Donald Trump

“Woman like Donald Trump because safety and security is important to them,” she tells me later, after the convention. For Morgan, the true threat to America isn’t Muslim extremism, it’s Islam itself. “What do you say about a religion where, if you’re devout enough, you want to kill people? Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a theocracy, and it has no place in America.”

Like some other notable Trump supporters, Morgan hopes to use this “Islam is not a religion” argument as a Hail Mary legal strategy to thread the religious liberty needle. If the very act of being Muslim is cleaved from any notions of faith, they reason, then there can be no first amendment protections. If Islam is not a religion, then a Muslim family living in your neighborhood is no different than a crack house or strip club. They’re just a seductive, pernicious danger to be legislated away by the God-fearing. To most registered women voters, these views are beyond extreme. But to most of the women passionate about the Donald, Morgan is preaching to the choir.

“The women who support Donald Trump care first and foremost about their family’s safety,” Melissa Deckman explained to me the week before I left for Cleveland. Deckman is Chair of the Political Science Department at Washington College, and the author of the book Tea Party Women: Mama Grizzlies, Grassroots Leaders, and the Changing Face of the American Right. “They see immigrants and Muslims extremists as very real threats, and they’re looking for someone to protect them. What’s more, they correctly perceive that there their country is changing, and they see that as a threat.”

Source: Stars, Stripes, & Selfies: The Women Who Love Donald Trump – R. Tod Kelly


Two kinds of people:
1. Gets to airport 5 hours early and says “OH MY GOSH WE JUST MADE IT”
2. Gets to airport 20 minutes before takeoff and asks “where’s the gift shop?”

2016 Presidential Debate No. 1

We knew it would eventually come to this. It had to. And now, here it is. Also, what Burt Likko plans do be doing during the debate, and chances are, you’re going to be jealous of him when you learn it.

Grantland: From Cuba With Heat

It’s difficult for Fernandez to remember much of the days that followed, but he does remember the boat — towering and luxurious, far more than their group required. He remembers the waves pounding the...


Don’t worry… your money is as safe with me as it is with Wells Fargo.


Frank Miller said “there are 50 different ways to do Batman and they all work”

So here’s a look at one of the other 49.