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  1. Avatar Maribou says:

    Jaybird is yelling at me “Ooh, ooh, add this part!” and I am too lazy to go in and edit the post, so here’s the part he wanted me to add:

    This ain’t an entry level game. This is for people moving from medium to difficult games, not from easy to medium.

    (I think that’s already clear from the post but apparently it was sufficiently unclear to him that he needed to interrupt the other internet things I was doing to get me to add it, so um, entry-level users beware, I guess? Personally I find it is fun to be the relative newb at a table of far more experienced gamers, and then set goals for myself that have nothing to do with winning the game, both because it keeps me entertained and because it mildly annoys them, but YMMV. Especially on a cooperative game like this one.)Report

    • Avatar Guy says:

      One of the key things to note is that some of the powers are much, much better than others. Green’s extra die, no curses power is WAY stronger than the alternative power where he can reroll a die. Action/Attack is better than Attack/Attack for Blue. Moving someone else is better for Red than moving twice.Report

  2. Avatar Alan Scott says:

    Glad you folks enjoyed it.

    I’m not playing the actual Game just yet, but my big gaming news is that I just pledged in the Kickstarter for “The Magical Land of Yeld“, a tabletop RPG.

    It’s basically a cross between Chronicles of Narnia, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy. And the thing about it that charms me the most it the way it manages to capture the quirky sidequest-infused nature of a latter-day Zelda game. Like, consider this:

    When you run out of health in this game, you become a ghost until you get better. But there are also certain things you can only do if you’re a ghost. So for example, there’s a ghost merchant, who sells items that you can’t get anywhere else, but you can only interact with him if you yourself are a ghost. And instead of charging gold coins, he wants payment in twigs or jars of bugs or things like that.

    There’s a calendar in the game, and on each character’s birthday, they get a birthday present from the prince of Yeld (who is also the BBEG that you’re trying to defeat). And that birthday present is a skill point.Report

  3. Avatar James K says:

    We took a break from our ACKS campaign this week to play a couple of board games.

    The first was Scythe, which is a new game, and was lots of fun. A solid strategic conquest-style game with some good economic engine elements. Its fast too – a 4-player game took maybe 2.5 hours and that was with all 4 of us being first-timers.

    We also played Sentinels of the Multiverse, which is one of our favourite cooperative games.Report

  4. Avatar Damon says:

    I’m completing Witcher 3 again. Snagging a few achievements while I decide on Fallout or the new DE game. Dues Ex has gotten some bad reviews…..

    Also been dealing with my damn office chair breaking. Took me an hour to find out it was still in warranty….shesh.Report