Presidential Mortality


Will Truman

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  1. Avatar notme says:

    Flashback: When The Media Embraced McCain ’08 Health Conspiracies

    The press had a field day with John McCain’s impending death but yet the merest mention of Hillary’s age leads to cries of sexism. Go figure?Report

    • Avatar Kazzy in reply to notme says:

      Can we stop talking about “the media” and “the press” as if it is a singular, monolithic thing? And can we especially discourage major media members with huge audiences (i.e., conservative outlets) from doing such? When Fox News Channel — which I believe gets better ratings than any other individual news outlet — spends half their damn time bitching about “the media”, they are missing out on a prime opportunity to actually be the media. Be the change and all that, no?Report

      • Avatar Richard Hershberger in reply to Kazzy says:

        Also worth noting that those McCain stories, while silly, were straight up actuarial probabilities. This is nearly entirely unlike the current crop of Hillary’s-secret-illness conspiracy mongering. Note also the tell in the Daily Caller piece’s use of the word “conspiracy.” This is pure projection.Report

    • Avatar Will Truman in reply to notme says:

      It’s good that you pointed this out. If it weren’t for this comment, plus two paragraphs in the OP, and the magazine photo of Bob Dole, one might have no idea that the age/health question has been asked of Republicans.Report

  2. Avatar Damon says:

    I don’t have a problem with older folks being pres. I really don’t think this is a big deal. I have problems with certain people being pres.Report

  3. Avatar Kazzy says:

    If the President dies in office, we have a plan in place for dealing with that. It is obviously not ideal for that to happen, but it seems sort of silly to fret over the possibility given that A) everyone can (and will) die, B) predicting death is really hard, and C) death can be caused by things other than failing health.

    I think we’d be best served to avoid electing someone who is literally on his/her deathbed. And if there is reason to believe that a candidate will be unable to perform the duties of their job for health (mental, emotional, or physical) related reasons, that seems like something worth considering. I mean, if they can’t do the job, we shouldn’t give them the job. But age itself shouldn’t be a factor. And handwringing over non-existent issues is silly. There seems to be little reason to doubt either major candidate will be impacted by his/her health during their Presidency. Until there is good reason to do so, let’s just stop talking about it.Report

  4. Avatar Richard Hershberger says:

    Ronald Reagan was president, and we don’t know if he started losing his faculties while in office or not.

    You’re just trolling us here, right?Report

  5. Even Dick Cheney would seem to have survived eight years had he run and won in 2008, though his well-documented health problems would have made him a weaker president than might be preferable.

    If Cheney had become president, the preferable thing would have been a permanent vegetative state.Report