Love note to national treasure, Gord Downie

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  1. Lovely, Sarah. I spent much of the early to mid-nineties listening to The Hip…but then kind of drifted away from them. I mean, I’d keep hearing them, because they’re so prolific, so popular and so enmeshed in Canadian pop culture, but I wasn’t buying their albums or actively following their work.

    With news of Downie’s diagnosis, it was reminder of how much their music meant and how much a part of my life their music, and by extension the band, had been.

    I can’t imagine the reaction we’ve seen would have happened with any other artist. The summer of 2016 really has become the summer of The Hip. Their influence over the past thirty years coming crashing down in one final tour for one final summer.Report

  2. Gingerbugjones says:

    It seems both odd and fitting that this band gets this kind of send off. I didn’t really tune into their new stuff much after the aughts but wow do they still occupy a good deal of real estate in my music library. Their music does represent a Canada that I, as a Canadian, am proud of. Plus Gord is just so fishing cool.

    I’ve wondered how many months this tour is taking off his life but so appreciative that he was willing and able to do this.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    This is a beautiful post and I really loved it.

    For those outside of Canada (I assume all our Canadians know!), they are livestreaming his last concert tonight.

    I’m watching it here: