Jennifer Rubin: You’d want to live in the Breitbart world, too

Will Truman

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  1. Damon says:

    From the Post: “Things have gotten so bad in the real world that Trump was compelled to read a statement of “regret” from a teleprompter Thursday night for unspecified things he has said and “personal pain” to unnamed people. The Post reports, “The move marked a sharp departure from Trump, who has avoided apologizing or expressing regret in more than a year of campaigning, after a seemingly endless stream of feuds and controversies.”

    And from Scott Adams: “In classic Trump form, his “apology” was not exactly an apology. Trump expressed regret, but in a way that left all kinds of intentional ambiguity. Who exactly was he apologizing too? Is regret the same as an apology?”……”The most powerful part of Trump’s strategy is that it forces his opposition from a reasonable position (Trump should apologize!) into an absurd position (Trump didn’t apologize the right way!) When the anti-Trumpers were calling for polite behavior out of Trump, they had the high ground. Now that they are criticizing the details of Trump’s “apology” they look ridiculous. It was a perfect persuasion trap.”

    Most fun I’ve had watching a presidential campaign in decades….Report