So Are We Still Doing This?

Hey y’all. I just got a reminder from my good friends at Verizon Yahoo to set up a fantasy football league. Who’s interested and will actually play out the whole season? We need eight or more to do it right.


Click here to play! See you on the fantasy gridiron. Draft Day is Sunday, September 4, at noon Pacific (3:00 p.m. Eastern).

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7 thoughts on “So Are We Still Doing This?

  1. I’m in provided I can make the live draft. And that we’re doing a live draft. For me, the draft is the funnest part. Please don’t read this is a demand that my schedule be worked around. Rather, once a date is set, I’ll confirm my availability or lackthereof. Wahoo!


  2. If you are still considering playing, you should join just to see the name of Burt’s team. That alone will make it all worth it.


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