Daily Archive: August 1, 2016

Splice Today: Blood, Guts and Health Packs

What was great about Wolfenstein was its simplicity. You viewed the game through the character’s eyes, and you killed Nazis. Plenty of them. Nazis here, Nazis there, fucking Nazis everywhere. And for this Jew,...

Lyman Stone: Could eNationalism Be a Thing?

Today I’ve got another one of my periodical posts where I speculate rampantly about theoretical concepts with very little empirical falsifiablity, and then hope someone finds it interesting enough to disagree in an informative...


The Joy Of Opening Time Capsules

We look at the predictions we made last year about the nominations and we make new ones about the election in November!

This Party Cannot Be Saved

With the nomination of Donald Trump, the Republican Party has fully embraced white nationalism. This means it is a party that can’t be saved.