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Do you miss the Bee Gees?
Sure, we all do.

Virginia Postrel: What You Buy Is Who You Are

The “big sort” has also come to labor markets. Rather than seeking to be a neutral place of blandly inoffensive corporate efficiency, each workplace increasingly celebrates the values of its tribe. That makes work...

Scott Alexander: Reverse Voxsplaining – Drugs vs. Chairs

When Mylan decided to sell EpiPens for $300, in any normal system somebody would have made their own EpiPens and sold them for less. It wouldn’t have been hard. Its active ingredient, epinephrine, is...

The New Atlantis’ Contentious Report on LGBT Issues

My informed understanding of The New Atlantis’ report on sexual orientation and gender identity that purports to speak “scientific” truth to political power. But is that what it is really doing? Read more to find out.


(On the new Don’t Breathe movie, which I have not seen (no pun intended))


On the board game “Ghost Stories”
(short version: Alan Scott was right, awesome game, you’ll need house rules)

Tim Harford: Brexit and the power of wishful thinking [+1]

The first is that wishful thinking is surprisingly powerful. A few years ago, the economist Guy Mayraz conducted a simple experiment at Oxford university’s Centre for Experimental Social Science. Mayraz ran sessions in which...

The Collapse of the Wall

The game, it turns out, is rigged. With nothing to lose, they burned it all down.

Linky Friday #181: Bull’s IQ

Night Court doesn’t hold up nearly as well as Cheers, but it’s still fun. Anyway, this week: Latin America, Crime, Media, Education, and Labor!


And *NOW* we can start talking about the end of summer.

Presidential Mortality

With no natural deaths in 70 years, maybe we worry a little too much about how old and infirm our presidential candidates are.

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