Monthly Archive: August 2016

Virginia Postrel: What You Buy Is Who You Are

The “big sort” has also come to labor markets. Rather than seeking to be a neutral place of blandly inoffensive corporate efficiency, each workplace increasingly celebrates the values of its tribe. That makes work...


(On the new Don’t Breathe movie, which I have not seen (no pun intended))


On the board game “Ghost Stories”
(short version: Alan Scott was right, awesome game, you’ll need house rules)

Linky Friday #181: Bull’s IQ

Night Court doesn’t hold up nearly as well as Cheers, but it’s still fun. Anyway, this week: Latin America, Crime, Media, Education, and Labor!


And *NOW* we can start talking about the end of summer.

Presidential Mortality

With no natural deaths in 70 years, maybe we worry a little too much about how old and infirm our presidential candidates are.