Morning Ed: World {2017.07.26.T}


Will Truman

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  1. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    The arms dealers: I’m fascinated by stories like this to. Nearly every time a story like this comes up, people think that they will be the ones that get away with it even though nearly nobody ever does. The people involved got off very lightly.

    Syria: I’m not sure if things like this ever help. The intent is to put things into perspective, to let people in the developed world know how good they have it, and hope it gets them to help. Most people are either going to not know about this or if they do know get on the defensive or filled with despair and feel too impotent to do something. The usual suspects will still be cold to helping the children of Syria for the usual reasons. Notme will claim they are all Islamic State plants. Others will say, not my problem and that the kids need to help themselves.Report

    • Avatar InMD says:

      On Syria I think there’s a serious question as to what we really can do to help. Also note that this is being published by a rebel organization that if I had to guess wants more military assistance from the West. I don’t think that Syria’s children will benefit much from America giving more weapons to random militants in the desert or dropping more ordnance.Report

  2. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    The Canadian tribunal has always struck me as seriously problematic. Perhaps it operates under clear, objective criteria that I am not aware of, but my perception of it is that it’s rulings are very subjective.Report

    • Avatar North says:

      Yeah the Tribunals are an absolute disaster. A literal kangaroo court.Report

    • Avatar pillsy says:

      They really seem to be an awful non-solution to any real problem.Report

    • Avatar Brent F says:

      Frankly they are long overdue for a serious court challange. I’d give pretty decent odds they’d get severely on section 2(b) (Canada’s non-union first amendment equivalent) if it made its way through the court system. The current Supreme Court loves ruling in favour of plaintiffs on civil libertarian grounds, so I’d bet if a good challange got that high it would pretty sharply curtail the pontential for behavior people are so concerned about.

      One of the problems is that Canadian administrative law give fairly broad remit for administrative tribunals to do their own thing, including making orders you can’t get from the normal legal system and its a considerable process to challange their rulings. The human rights tribunal process has been so rarely used to surpress speech that things haven’t been forced to come to a head yet (either in a big court challange or a big enough contreversy to force the issue to the table and the government table new legislation).Report

      • Avatar Brent F says:

        I should clarify that the federal hate speech section was repealed a few years back. Right now it is its equivalents in provincial acts which are problematic.Report

  3. Avatar Damon says:

    Mike Ward: So glad I don’t live in Canaduh.

    Syria: Yeah, not running a sniper’s gauntlet or a barrel bomb one either only to face the border control “interview” upon returning. What part of “don’t get involved in a land war in asia” was unclear?Report

  4. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    He still spells it wrong :^)Report

    • Avatar notme says:

      No one to deny this is ISIS?Report

      • Avatar greginak says:

        ISIS? Never heard of them. Have they been in the news?Report

        • Avatar notme says:

          Naw, they are strictly the JV outfit. Purely existential.Report

          • Avatar greginak says:

            Oh…well maybe we should send some troops or carriers over there. We could even support the guys fighting them.Report

            • Avatar notme says:

              Nope, just ignore them.Report

              • Avatar greginak says:

                Wow that is a bad idea. Good thing our gov isn’t listening to you.Report

              • Avatar pillsy says:

                Hey, @notme, it’s turned out that the killer was a self-described “Aryan” who was obsessed with Adolf Hitler and Anders Breivik, and hated Arabs and Turks.

                Did you forget telling us all that was another example of ISIS coming to kill us all, or were you just expecting everybody else to?Report

              • Avatar Troublesome Frog says:

                You’re thinking of the other other other other other killing in Europe. This thread is on the other other other one.Report

              • Avatar pillsy says:

                I meant to specify it was the Munich killer, but, you know, didn’t type that. In any event, here’s @notme mocking everyone for not immediately joining him in jumping to the conclusion that ISIS was behind it.

                EDIT: On second read, he didn’t actually say it was ISIS, he just sarcastic towards everyone who entertained the possibility that it wasn’t ISIS. Which, you know, is totally better and he shouldn’t feel a shred of embarrassment over it.Report

              • Avatar notme says:

                Given that witnesses said the gunman made certain statements, the conclusion of ISIS involvement was reasonable.Report

              • Avatar notme says:

                Did I say it was ISIS? If I did, then I was wrong.Report

      • Avatar El Muneco says:

        Nope. These guys seem pretty clearly connected to Daesh, and it was a terror strike.

        On the other hand, the civilized world could do worse than attacks that kill fewer targets than attackers.

        That just accelerates the endgame.Report

        • Avatar notme says:

          Sure, unless you are one of dead folks.Report

          • Avatar El Muneco says:

            I think the difference in our ages is the difference in our perspective.

            I was 5 when D.B. Cooper made hijacking a thing. I was 6 for the Munich Summer Olympics. I was 10 for Entebbe. I was 12 for Aldo Moro and Harvey Milk. I was 13 for the Iranian hostages. I was 16 for Beirut. I was 19 for the Achille Lauro. I was 21 for Lockerbie. I was 26 when the World Trade Center was bombed. I was 28 when Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski made themselves known.

            Terror has been a thing for me since literally I was able to think for myself.

            All through this time, there was the SLA, the Black Panthers, the IRA, Basque separatists, Red Brigades, Aum Shinrikyo, clinic bombers… And genocides in more than a handful of countries proving that terror can come from the majority as well as the minority.

            Terror has never been, and will never be, a fishing existential threat. People die, and it’s a fishing tragedy. But 30,000 people die every year in traffic accidents. The worst thing we can do is make people who kill people on a retail basis seem as important as they think they should be.

            Go after the money and power behind them, like, oh, like our government is – that’s the long-term answer.Report