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  1. Avatar Guy says:

    Telltale games are pretty great!

    The rest of this post is going to be super off topic because I am trying to diagnose a very strange chromium bug.

    This site is a wordpress instance, correct? Does anyone know what differentiates it from a wordpress instance like this one? I can read all of the text on this site except the twitter inset and the names of commenters. I can also read text on,, and on the site of a webcomic I read called erfworld. I can read no other website that I can quickly find (including facebook, the d20srd, the above-linked thingofthings, slate star codex, and another webcomic’s site and associated forum). I’m running chromium 52 on arch (with experimental), inside awesome wm on an otherwise bare X server. I’ve submitted a bug report to google, but this is bizarre. Any tech people have any idea what’s going on?Report

  2. Avatar Fish says:

    Last week sometime I was bored so I decided to fire up FTL. I discovered that I had unlocked the Mantis Cruiser Layout B, but I’d never played it. This starts with a four-person teleporter, no weapons, a drone control with a boarding drone and a defense drone and two Mantis crew. Been trying to beat the game on easy ever since. Yesterday I got the Big Boss down to two health before he blew me up. So. Close.Report

  3. So, while playing with bits and pieces that will eventually go into the Prototype Bedside Appliance™, I came across a streaming web service that bills itself as “true oldies”. After two hours of that running in the background while I struggled with code, I have to admit that at some point in every single song I had a “oh, I remember that” moment. No repeats. No commercials. How the hell is anyone supposed to make money against that kind of competition?Report